Benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO) for MSPs

Single Sign-On The Only Security Feature that enhances user experience

Today, 93 percent of organizations report that they are at least moderately concerned with leveraging cloud-based solutions securely. As managed services providers (MSPs) increasing transition to these cloud offerings, the management and security of these services remains top-of-mind.

MSPs looking to securely manage access to the growing number of services are relying on Single Sign-On (SSO) more than ever. SSO allows for a single point of authentication that provides provisioned access to several related, yet independent, software applications.

What can SSO do for you? Check out SSO’s top benefits for MSPs:

Password security and management

Businesses today use an average of 137 applications. Keeping track of and managing passwords for numerous systems can create password fatigue that often result is constant password changes/resets or even worse, password reuse. When properly configured, SSO allows the use of a single set of credentials to authenticate and access multiple applications, paving the way for fewer yet stronger passwords.

Regulatory Compliance

Industry regulations, like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or HIPAA, often require that MSP’s keep documentation for IT controls, security procedures, or user authentication. SSO helps MSP’s meet access control requirements for data security and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Identity and Access Management

According to a recent Data Risk Report, 58 percent of companies found over 1,000 stale user accounts when they analyzed their systems and applications. Stale users, such as ex-employees, can pose a huge security risk for your customers if they retain access to sensitive customer or financial information. SSO streamlines user and employee management by allowing you to assign, change, or revoke privileges for multiple applications at once instead of logging in to each instance. This saves time and reduces the risk of overusing licenses or permissions.

SSO with Liongard

Liongard believes SSO should be a security standard, so we designed our SAML 2.0 supported Single Sign-On Integration to be seamless and secure. Our user-focused design paired with the security benefits of SSO allows MSP’s to access Liongard directly from their SSO platform instead of logging in as a separate application.

“We know that for growing MSPs, every minute is crucial. So we want to develop features that take them from data to insights as quickly as possible,” says Liongard CEO and Founder, Joe Alapat. “Single Sign-On provides a more seamless experience that reduces a few common headaches for MSPs—password overload and having to switch applications to access data.”

Take security at your MSP to the next level with SSO from Liongard—sign up for a demo today. Want to see how easy our SSO is to set up? Check out our documentation.


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