Liongard Core Values: Celebrating Jen Greissing

Liongard Core Values is a series of blogs where we celebrate the people who make Liongard such a great company. Our success is due to the efforts of team members who make the Liongard Operational Advantage a reality for our MSP clients and partners. Today we talk to Jen Greissing, Manager of Corporate Operations, who works remotely for Liongard.

Liongard Core Values

Listen and Learn

Experiment and Evolve

Execute as a Team

Share and Celebrate Progress

Teach and Lead

Jen Greissing is manager of Corporate Operations, a unit responsible for the Business Systems and the Business Intelligence teams at Liongard. She leads the coordination and integration effort between engineering, finance, partner support and the success and sales teams. Her work focuses on producing smoother workflows and more efficient business processes. She guides data analysts, helping them create a clean pipeline of data to share across the company.

Jen’s Mom always told her to lead by example, and as a recent winner of the Liongard Core Value Award, Jen feels closest to the Teach and Lead principles that have driven her career and Liongard’s success over the years.

Not only are those principles near and dear to her, she’s also been ‘flexing’ them in her career and personal life. She has made valuable contributions to the company during Pride month, and she has acted with patience, care and enthusiasm in her role as a mentor and guide to new employees.

Jen has always been open to new possibilities and is deeply committed to the idea that in the journey of life, the right people will always cross her path and teach her new and valuable lessons along the way. That resonates strongly at Liongard. She’s proud to be a leader in an organization that allows her to learn, be herself and use her skills and experience to help others on her team and in her community be the best that they can be.

Liongard’s Core Values provide members of our community with a framework that they can rely on and embrace to move forward. What sets our Core Values apart from many other organizations is that we embody these values in the work that we do, the service we provide to MSPs and in the way we hire and onboard new people into the company.

The values that we share as a team are genuine, and they resonate throughout our culture. We believe that sharing and celebrating in the amazing work of our team members, in and out of the office, not only helps drive those values, but also sets ourselves apart from the competition.

We are proud of Jen’s contributions to the company and to the community. Her kindness, hard work and diligence are a great example to all of us. She’s a believer that it’s OK to stumble, just learn from it! And when it comes to her ‘me’ time? Jen is an AFOL! (Adult Fan of Lego). As she points out, “Even though I am well into adulthood, I am still an avid Lego builder and collector. There’s something about the methodical process of building that brings me to a Zen state!”

More power to you, Jen! We’re proud of your success and accomplishments.

Liongard gives MSPs an operational advantage that delivers both higher profits and an exceptional customer experience. Our Deep Data Platform unlocks the intelligence hidden deep within IT systems by transforming messy, hard-to-reach data into a unified, actionable source of intelligence.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our Work at Liongard Page.


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