Liongard’s Jackie Young Talks the ‘Exciting’ 2023 in Store

Liongard is in for an exciting 2023.

That was the message Jackie Young, Liongard’s Corporate Marketing Manager, shared on a recent edition of the MSP Initiative podcast.

“We’ve got lots of great features and updates to the platform planned,” Jackie said. “It’s an exciting time to be here, planning out for 2023 and figuring out where we’re going to invest our time and our resources and how we’re going to connect with more MSPs.”

“We’re approaching 2,000 partners now, which is exciting, but it’s also, ‘how do you continue to invest in the system and the platform so that it can grow as the organization grows?’” Jackie said. “You’re talking about a massive scale of growth, and across those 2,000 partners, you’ve got some people that are managing maybe 15 customers, and you’ve got some MSPs that might be managing 1,500 customers. Creating a platform that’s going to serve everybody and continue to grow with the needs of our partners has been a big focus — and I think it’s the right focus — and it’s exciting to be a part of.”

Naturally, as with every MSP conversation, the discussion turned to cybersecurity, a threat that keeps leaders of MSPs of all sizes awake at night.

“What we are seeing with our partners is everybody is being very careful about their IT stack and how they’re managing their stack and making sure that they are getting the absolute most value they can out of their existing toolset,” Jackie said. “And that’s an area where we really feel like we deliver a lot of value. You can scale with Liongard at a rate that you can’t scale without us.”

Jackie has attended several recent trade shows on behalf of Liongard. During the interview, she also highlighted the importance of in-person events.

“I think people see the value in in-person events,” Jackie said. “Certainly, there has been an investment in digital events, things like this where there’s a ton of value, and it allows people to join where they are and get the information they need. But the connections that you make with people at in-person events, the kind of anecdotal stories on the edges that you hear that you maybe don’t hear in an interview, they really can drive you to places that you hadn’t considered before.”

“When you’re in person, you get to understand people and their background and where they’re focusing their efforts, and you pick up so much information that way — just having a conversation with them,” Jackie said.

Click here to watch the full interview.


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