The Right MSP Reports: Turn Mountains of Data Into Actionable Insights

The Right Reports: Turn Mountains of Data into Actionable Insights

Reports can make life at an MSP make sense, even if just for a few minutes. The right reports turn mountains of customer data into organized, actionable intelligence. They help answer questions like: “Are my customers’ firewalls up-to-date? Are their backups working? And are their licenses current?”

Reports consolidate data to save you time and make it easier to provide valuable insights to your customers. That means that choosing the right MSP reports is critical for driving value and increasing ROI for you and your customers.

There are three main types of MSP reports, and each one can help you streamline your processes and better serve your customers.

Everyday “Pulse” Dashboards

“Pulse” dashboards and reports allow you to quickly check the health and status of all your customer accounts without lifting a finger. Your daily pulse dashboard should identify areas your team needs to work on, critical customer issues that require immediate attention, and items your team can work on throughout the day.

Customer Reports

33% of MSPs say growing revenue is a major focus. The best way to grow revenue is to continue delivering value to your customer, and one way to add value is via customer reports, such as QBR Reports or Annual Reports.

To elevate your role from vendor to trusted advisor, leverage tailored reports to show your customer how you can help them meet their strategic goals. These custom reports should include an overview of MSP performance, a summary of recently resolved and current open issues, as well as recommended upgrades or improvements. Customer reports should include:

  • Insight on performance
  • Proposed areas of improvement
  • Recommend technology and resource upgrades or changes

Customer reports are forward-looking—they typically include a 1-year plan and 3-year plan—and should outline how you will help support and secure your customers as they grow and their needs evolve.

Pull reports in minutes and standardize reports across all your customers with Liongard.

CIO/vCIO reporting

Whether you’re creating a report for CIOs or serving as your customer’s vCIO, reports at this level should focus on strategy and the high-level overview of your services. Less sales and more strategy, CIO/vCIO reports address the organizational challenges customers face, like identifying cost-saving opportunities, redundant or antiquated systems, and ways to optimize their tech stack. Typical reports at the CIO/vCIO level should include:

  • Goals and strategic priorities
  • Insight on regulatory and compliance issues
  • An evaluation of current resources and how you help them achieve their strategic goals
  • Opportunities to create cost-savings and improve operational efficiencies

Deep-dive into data with Liongard’s historical reports to create detailed analysis and strategic plans.

Regardless of the type, reports can help take your MSP to the next level. Join our webinar on March 10, 2021: Using Reports to Increase Profits, to learn how you can leverage reporting best practices to increase your bottom line.


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