Roar Report - April 12, 2019

on Apr 12, 2019 in Insights

Massive Release Alert!


This is a huge release! There's lots of good stuff going on below, so make sure you check it all out!

Check out the video below to learn more!


  • New Inspector Admin Screen with better categorization and sidebar navigation, separates inspectors in "Production", "Preview (Beta)" and "Labs (Alpha)".
  • Global Control to control Alerts within Roar as well as ticketing into the PSA: decide which alerts matter to you.
  • System-Centric Dashboard available on the Roar home screen. This is a huge improvement for those L2 and L3 engineers that may focus more on specific systems and is also a great resource for quick inventory-type visibility into your entire MSP's technical practice!
  • Support for Setting "Run As" User in our MSI installer


  • Azure: We released an all-new version of the Azure inspector that is based on Microsoft's Azure Management API rather than using PowerShell calls.
    • Faster, more stable inspector
    • Better and more complete data
    • Platform mappings to push data into ConnectWise and IT Glue
  • Cisco IOS :We advanced this inspector from Preview with some significant improvements.
    • Gathers overview information about the device, interfaces, and the full running and startup configurations.
    • Platform mappings to push data into ConnectWise and IT Glue
  • Cisco Umbrella: Heavily demanded inspector, advanced from an early Preview stage to a fully baked inspector!
    • Advanced to Production with the now-stable Cisco Umbrella APIs
  • StorageCraft: Brand new inspector in the Production category!
    • Gathers data about volumes, backup jobs, backup chains, and more!
    • Platform mappings to push data into ConnectWise and IT Glue
  • Hyper-V: Still in Preview, but we pushed a major update to this inspector that resolved a previous reliability issue. We are ready to advance this to Production soon after getting some partner feedback!


We are in the process of streamlining our cloud inspectors to be simpler, faster, and more secure. To that end, we are planning to deprecate our Windows Cloud Agents entirely over the next few months.

The inspectors that used our Windows Cloud Agents were our old Office 365 and Azure inspectors, which we've upgraded with API-based versions that now run on our Linux Agents. If you haven't upgraded to those new versions yet, check them out - faster, more secure, and better data!

We will begin by deprecating the Windows Cloud Agents that are not being used at all. We will let you know when we deprecate the Windows Agent in your Environment though there should be no impact to your Roar operations.

Head over to the release notes for more details.


  • Fixed bug with the exports from a dataprint table
  • Made the Roar UI more iPad friendly with updates to the font sizes and families
  • Added helpful documentation link on agent service permissions in the MSI modal
  • Improved breadcrumbs on the Alerts screen to include Environment selector
  • Fixed error messages when importing a company from IT Glue
  • Added notifications to alert users if they're navigating away from a tab with unsaved changes 


We are attending CMIT Elevate in Atlantic City & Kaseya Connect IT in Last Vegas in a few weeks. If you are going, let us know!

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