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"Roar empowers us to see what happened, and when, across many different vendors. Something never achieved before at this scale and price point. Let the competition hear you Roar."
Jared Miller, NOC Administrator - Doberman Technologies, LLC

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Roar fits in your IT stack

MSP Partner User Stories

Automated documentation is a novel concept, and you may be wondering, "What can I do with all of this data?" Take a look at the stories below to see how other MSPs are finding value in Roar's automation when managing cloud, network, and on-premise systems.

Manage Changes

"One of our clients had a third party redesign their website, and they changed their DNS record. We were able to go back in time with Roar to see what changed as soon as we heard the site went down,”

- Andrew Stafford, Concise Technologies

Minimize User Error

"I rolled out Roar for a new SonicWall and immediately got an alert that it was expiring in the next 30 days. Our PSA said this had a three-year license with one year left. Turns out, it only had a two-year license. Roar is helping us catch human errors like this."

-Everett Odom, Bellwether Technology

Report Across Customers

"We're using Roar Metrics to help us identify the current versions of Cisco ASA firmware and model running across all clients. This helps us to identify clients that are behind in their updates and make sure that there are no current security issues that might be affecting those versions of software,"

-Matthew Evans, Kraft Kennedy

Build Trust

"Our client had a SQL server that a vendor was performing work on. The vendor had issues around modifications made to the database and ended up causing an outage due to those modifications. Using Roar data, we were able to prove the vendor's actions and establish accountability, preserving a 13K/month relationship."

- Ian Richardson, Doberman Technologies

Automated Documentation and Beyond

Roar is the ultimate IT Automation platform for Managed Service Providers

Deep Documentation that Sets You Apart

Discover how automation can help differentiate your MSP.

When it comes to getting new clients, your team must be able to showcase system intelligence and subject matter expertise. Roar can help you inspect systems across the stack and pull back meaningful data in minutes once setup. Start inspecting these systems and more:

Roar inspects the products MSPs support from Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS - Amazon Web Services, Cisco Meraki, SonicWall, Internet Domain and DNS, and more

Documentation saves the day

Up-to-date configuration data can help optimize MSP processes and keep customers raving.

Thanks to Roar’s ability to capture snapshots of client environments, MSP engineers can rewind to see exactly what changes were made and when. Think of Roar like a DVR for an MSP. Everyone makes mistakes, even your gurus. Roar is the safety net that helps your team catch and resolve issues before they turn into full-blown catastrophes. And since Roar is multi-tenant at the core, you can rely on it for all clients.

Roar creates a timeline of configuration data snapshots that allows your team to review history and detect changes.

Actionable Alerts are Your Ally

Get alerts sent straight to your service desk when something needs your team's attention.

Liongard Roar helps your team stay on top of critical issues and changes before they cause chaos. With a full-loop ticketing integration, your team can be notified of upcoming system expirations, security risks, critical changes and more.

Critical configuration changes are at the heart of an MSPs responsibilities and deepest concerns. Having fully documented historical snapshots provides invaluable insights to the activities occurring in customer environments.

Reporting & Metrics

Enables quick access to critical data for all MSP team members

Leverage the rich data flow generated from Roar's automated documentation. With Metrics, you can pinpoint the data you care about and answer questions like, "Are all of our firewalls up-to-date?" Enable account managers and billing operations with detailed and up-to-date data they need on-demand in Roar or BrightGauge.

Roar's Metrics and Lists aggregate all of a customer's critical system data into a single dashboard for quick periodic business reviews, health checks, and billing.