Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Liongard Roar's Satisfaction Guarantee

We built Roar to give MSPs the automation they need to unlock deep data and empower their teams to operate at 10x. We're on a mission to enable insight from automation, and we'd like to extend our Satisfaction Guarantee to all of our partners who join us on this journey. 

If you can commit one resource from your team to roll-out Roar, we believe your team can get immediate value from our system inspectors as soon as they are set up. We feel so strongly about this that we are offering a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. During this time, we ask our partners to honor our core values and hold us accountable to embodying them. 

  1. Listen & Learn
    We are eager to hear your unique challenges and want to learn from you. We are committed to providing educational resources, and we ask that your team attends at least 1 live educational webinar. 

  2. Adapt & Automate
    We want to get you up and running with our automation as fast as possible. During your first week in Roar, you will be invited to participate in a friendly roll-out competition. We love empowering our Roar implementers. We will be giving out prizes and recognizing the people who make extraordinary progress automating documentation for their MSP. 

  3. Execute as a Team
    We have a comprehensive documentation site, an awesome support team, and a Slack user community. Our goal is to promote problem-solving through collective knowledge. The more we can collaborate and work together as a team, the farther we will all go. Please take advantage of these resources! 

  4. Focus on Visible Progress
    We are committed to gathering customer feedback and showing our partners visible progress as we iterate on features and ideas. At the end of every development sprint, we will share release notes to show you what we've built. Our team will also be encouraging you to make visible progress in rolling out Roar for your MSP.  

  5. Teach
    We put our partners at the center of our business. We will teach you everything we know about automation, and we ask that you are open and willing to teach us. If something we build doesn't work for you, please let us know how we can make it better. 

If you decide at the end of 30 days that you are not satisfied with Roar, you may cancel your Roar subscription, and we will refund your Roar subscription fee, subject to the below criteria. Our only ask is that, prior to such refund, you participate an exit call with a member of our team to give us insight into your experience with our product. We promise to listen.

Liongard will refund Roar subscription fees when the following criteria are met:
  • The cancellation/refund request is made within 30 days of contract signing
  • All scheduled onboarding sessions have been completed
  • A reasonable attempt has been made to resolve support issues and/or alternative workarounds
  • The partner has set up a payment method in the Liongard ConnectBooster portal*
  • The partner has configured an auto-pay option*
This guarantee does not cover any refund for paid professional services that were provided in addition to our support.
*If you signed up through a Distribution Partner:
  • The last 2 bullets listed above do not apply since Liongard does not handle your billing. Any eligible refund will be processed through your Distributor
  • You must be in good standing with your Distributor in order to be eligible for a refund.
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