Getting Your SMB Clients to the Cloud

“The Liongard MSP Insights Series is where we offer our perspective on the changing landscape in the IT services community focusing on new trends and developments in the business environment. Liongard technology delivers MSPs an Operational Advantage and transforms IT systems’ data from a messy, hard-to-reach asset into a unified, actionable source of intelligence. Our MSP Insights help MSPs maximize the power of the Liongard Deep Data Platform™.”

With the growth of cloud computing, managing IT resources has reached a new level of complexity and sophistication. MSPs are well positioned to take advantage of these changes even in the context of the challenging economic climate. This is particularly the case for MSPs servicing the small to medium-sized business (SMB) sector.

MSPs have to remember that big name enterprise-scale IT support is not the name of the game for those running smaller businesses. Not only are SMBs not in the same league as the big players, they simply don’t have the financial resources to play at that level.

But those distinctions don’t mean that SMBs don’t have similar concerns when it comes to IT upgrades, management and support. Ensuring the integrity of your company’s IT systems is critical no matter what size business you may be running.

MSPs have been growing – with 3 out of 5 stating that they have seen increased revenue in the past 12 months and expect continued growth in the next three years. That’s great news!

Nevertheless, along with the ongoing concerns around finding experienced talent and rising costs, the critical question most MSPs are asking is: how do we position ourselves to better service the needs of new or existing SMB clients and maximize available business opportunities?


Getting Clients to the Cloud

Most MSPs should know by now that according to experts, integrating a complete or hybrid cloud computing strategy should be a top-of-mind concern for clients – no matter what their sector. Cloud computing not only boosts productivity and saves businesses time and money, it also promotes innovation and improves collaboration.

A recent study indicates that by the end of 2022, 69% of SMB workloads and 67% of SMB data will be on the cloud. And for a basic, vertically focused MSP or managed security service provider (MSSP) this is an opportunity to provide a valuable service while also acting as a strategic partner helping clients make the critical migration.

A new Foundry study shows that 72% of IT decision makers are purchasing new technical capabilities or upgrading existing technology when defaulting to cloud-based services. The same study indicates that 52% of SMBs see a cloud migration strategy as a means to lower costs, optimize systems, and implement the best in-class technology. This translates to more service through enhanced security and systems integrations that client-focused MSPs can provide to their SMB customers.


Liongard’s Operational Advantage

Whether helping clients decide on one or multiple cloud providers, offering expert insight on cloud-based security features or improving resilience from malicious actors at end-points, Liongard’s Deep Data Platform gives MSPs a clear Operational Advantage by making processes quicker, more efficient and more cost effective.

Liongard technology lets MSPs maximize their capabilities by creating a single point of access for insights into multiple client systems and infrastructure. The Deep Data Platform’s 24/7/365 monitoring capability ensures that customer systems are secure and running properly.

The technology also helps save valuable service expertise by reducing the time it takes to do multiple logins and manual audits. And by automating the time-consuming documentation process, MSPs can onboard more clients quickly while continually keeping track of any changes to clients’ systems.

The depth and breadth of Liongard’s Deep Data technology sets it apart from other MSP tools on the market. By simplifying exploration management and reconciliation, it’s easier for MSPs to do the job with fewer Level 1 or Level 2 engineers. This lets them focus their attention and skills when and where they’re really needed.

By taking MSPs out of the dilemma of having to choose between satisfying customers, rolling back service quality, or having to hire new and hard-to-find expertise that cuts into profit margins, the Liongard Deep Data Platform delivers effective cost-cutting and time-saving solutions that provide MSPs with an Operational Advantage that sets them apart from the competition.

As customers shift away from relying on internal IT teams and as cloud and cloud-hybrid technology becomes the new standard for SMB IT systems, Liongard technology helps ensure that client IT infrastructure is running safely, smoothly and securely.

By automating tedious and time-consuming tasks, speeding up the documentation process and improving monitoring and security capabilities, MSPs can spend more time building their business and delighting their customers.

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