Liongard Deep Data™ Platform

Living System of Record for Your IT Stack

Automatically inspect any customer environment from cloud to endpoint

Transform messy, hard-to-reach configuration data into a centralized data asset you can trust

Audit your configurations continuously to detect changes

Connect and fuel your workflows via API with no manual effort


Gain Your Operational Advantage with Liongard

The IT stack has exploded. There are more systems to manage and they’re always changing. This complexity has forced MSPs to make a choice, between improving profits by running lean OR maximizing customer satisfaction by increasing the size of the tech team. The good news is that you don’t have to choose anymore – Liongard gives MSPs an operational advantage that lets you do both.

The Best-Run MSPs Choose Liongard!

Fuel Your Workflows

Eliminate the everyday chaos that comes from managing dozens of systems. Tap into the power of deep data to automate workflows, manual tasks and documentation — meaning less time hunting for data and more time growing your business.

  • IT Automation - Sales

    Automate Your Documentation

    Automatically document your customers' systems and keep them up-to-date with daily inspections across your stack.

  • IT Automation - Onboarding

    Accelerate Onboarding

    Stop spending weeks onboarding new customers and start providing exceptional service on day one.

  • IT Automation - Security Operations

    Verify Your Customers are Secure & Compliant

    Ensure proof of compliance and get the visibility you need to secure your customers’ systems.

  • IT Automation - Service Desk

    Troubleshoot Customer Issues

    Put all of the data your techs need at their fingertips and reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot and resolve incidents.

  • IT Automation - Billing

    Reconcile Your Billing

    No more hours and hours spent doing end of month billing by using a single source of truth.

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