Get always up-to-date documentation that alerts you when something needs your attention and enables your MSP to report on systems at scale.

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Get Deep Visibility into the Past, Present and Future

Liongard Roar gives your team daily snapshots of rich configuration data for cloud, network, and on-premise systems. With the historical timeline, you can rewind time to see exactly what changes were made and when.

Think of Roar like a DVR for an MSP. Everyone makes mistakes, even your gurus. Roar is the safety net that helps your team catch and resolve issues before they turn into full-blown catastrophes.

Roar is the safety net that helps your team catch and resolve issues before they turn into full-blown catastrophes.

The Automation You Need to Scale Your MSP

When managing an ever-growing list of clients and systems, you can't rely on manual processes to keep track of everything. You need automation if you want to delight your clients and scale your business. With Roar, get deep system data for troubleshooting, alerts when something needs your attention, and reports to manage systems at scale.

Automated Documentation

With always up-to-date documentation, get deep visibility across the stack and go back in time for troubleshooting.

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Actionable Alerts

Get alerts when a critical system change is made or something needs your team's attention.

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Reporting & Metrics

Select specific data points to run cross-customer reports in Roar or build dashboards in BrightGauge.

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Automation drives Process and Profits

Growing beyond manual

Liongard Roar platform remotes into your systems to document configurations so your team doesn't have to. With automated and up-to-date documentation, you can strengthen the processes you need to grow your MSP. Spend less time on manual tasks and more time providing value to your customers.

Roar enables MSPs to keep up with today's technology landscape with up-to-date system configuration documentation for the entire team.

Where the RMM stops, Roar begins

We bring you visibility across cloud, network and on-prem systems. Roar automates subject matter expertise, providing you with consistent and actionable intelligence. See what changed, answer important questions, and quickly troubleshoot issues.

Roar is Automation beyond the RMM, continuously capturing up-to-date system configuration data from cloud, network, and on-premise targets for your MSPs.

Roar inspects systems across the stack

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