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You can only manage what you know

IT Managed Service Providers are the cornerstone

There are significant inefficiencies and gaps in IT today. Roar provides MSPs with the depth, breadth, and expertise you want in one simple package.

You need relentless attention to critical details on how all systems you manage are configured. As modern IT proliferates from on-prem to PaaS, IaaS and SaaS, this becomes a daunting challenge to track manually. To properly address this, IT Managed Service Providers need deep visibility, subject matter expertise, and system documentation that's automated. With Roar, we turn configuration data into chronological snapshots that enable you to look at current and historical state with depth and insight like never before.

Rate of IT adoption is growing exponentially compared to the linear capability for MSPs to manage, consequently leading to a gap where poor visibility, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities occur.

Gaining Perspective

Defend customers against advancing threats, by changing your perspective and begin unifying visibility.

MSPs can't afford to operate in a fog. Unified visibility across a customer's cloud, edge, and on-premise systems is essential to achieving situational awareness. The ever-changing perimeter is defined by the way these systems are configured. Understanding and automatically assessing current configuration state provides exponential insight for your team.

Unified IT Management & Automation leads to Continuous Security

Roar is a purpose-built platform for IT Managed Service Providers and Enterprise IT Operations


Reveal deep configuration data of cloud, network, and on-premise systems in an MSP dashboard with visibility across all customer environments.

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Convert error-prone manual system documentation into an accurate, automated process that is always up-to-date and stored chronologically for review.

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Actively protect your clients with notifications for critical change alerts when configuration controls drift due to changes by MSP staff, customers, or potential intruders.

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Drive revenue through actionable and detailed prescriptive actions, based on vendor best practices, that help to secure customer environments.

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