All of Your Endpoint Data, All in One Place

Work From Anywhere and an increasingly complex tech stack has made endpoint management nearly impossible. MSPs need a solution that surfaces important information automatically, so they can spend less time digging for data and more time focusing on customers.

Easily Accessible, Unified Endpoint Visibility

Easily Accessible, Unified Endpoint Visibility

Effortlessly view and drill down into endpoint-specific data that’s normally difficult to access (we’re looking at you, Windows Defender).

Centralized Monitoring and Management

Centralized Monitoring and Management

Enforce cybersecurity best practices, troubleshoot network issues, and support collaboration no matter where your customers' endpoints may be connected.

Go Back in Time with Historical Data

Go Back in Time with Historical Data

Dive deep into the past and quickly pinpoint changes to an endpoint that may have caused a break. Change detections can be run for individual machines and at scale.


Endpoint Visibility in Action

Want to see how Endpoint Visibility can help your MSP? Get a preview of it with this short video.



MachineLOGIC was looking for more visibility into their systems to improve their change management. What they got with Liongard was a platform that’s helped them standardize, secure and scale operations across their entire MSP, saving money for their business, and time and frustration for their staff.


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