The Critical Foundation of Cybersecurity

Liongard automates the documentation of users, devices, software across your attack surface and alerts you to critical changes were made across all systems and customers.

Drive Growth

Drive Growth

Gain continuous documentation of your attack surface with automated discovery and asset inventory. Simplify onboarding and ease the hand off from Sales assessment to run state.

Maximize Profit

Maximize Profit

Know when system configurations change before they become issues. Accelerate onboarding, perform cross environment reporting, and reduce time to resolution.

Maintain Sanity

Maintain Sanity

Managing IT means knowing, not hoping. Gain peace of mind with 18-months of configuration history and a timeline that delivers evidence for audits and defensibility for cyber insurance claims.

Operate Left and Right of Boom

Liongard allows MSPs to maximize the value of your security investments. You manage dozens of individual security tools, but how do you know if you have gaps in coverage? Liongard let’s you quickly audit and identify assets across all of your customer environments to confirm they’re aligned to your security best practices and implementation. If an incident or weakness detected, you can quickly get ahead of threats and protect your customers. Following an incident, you’ll have the data you need to rapidly respond and recover.

A Better Way to IT

Fortify your customer’s defenses with Liongard’s attack surface platform by identify and mitigating weaknesses, misconfigurations, and proactively correct mistakes before they can be exploited. With reliable automated system documentation and change detection, you can enforcing healthy security operational hygiene. Customized alerting and rapid reporting across customer environments enables you to maintain adherence with regulatory compliance and deliver evidence to demonstrate due diligence.

Where IT and Security Meet. Not Compete.

You should know, not hope that your customers are secure. From the moment the sales team deploys external inspections for a prospect, to the hand off to the NOC, your SOC team has the clear visibility they need to ensure the ongoing security of customers. Liongard helps to identify threats which enables your operations team to patch and prevent cyber issues from arising. When something does occur, Liongard’s continuous and unified documentation reduces the time required to investigate “what changed” and enables your engineers to swiftly respond and recover your customers from incidents.


When you let the client see for themselves!

When your reputation and business is on the line, how do you prove to your customer that unintended changes and misconfigurations were not caused by your MSP? Learn how Kelly Business Services enabled their customer to see for themselves and leverage Liongard to reveal the truth.


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