A More Efficient Way to Run Your MSP

Standardize your Services

Standardize your Services

Establish baselines and assess for best practices with Liongard's consistent, automated asset discovery and documentation.

Secure your Systems

Secure your Systems

Detect changes and turn on proactive alerts to stay on top of system security and compliance across the stack.

Scale your Business

Scale your Business

Manage systems across customers with rich reporting and auditing capabilities that help your team increase profitability and efficiency.


Liongard's Deep Data

Liongard’s Deep Data™ Platform inspects and documents the systems managed from cloud to endpoints. We transform all of that messy, hard-to-reach config data into a centralized data asset you can trust. And, because we gather that data continuously, we alert MSPs when things change, so they’re never caught by surprise.

Let Liongard Do the Work for You From Start To Finish

See how Liongard can support your MSP throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Customer Onboarding

Improve efficiency and gain fast visibility into your new customers' environments with Liongard's MSP automation platform.

Change Management

See when changes happen – even in the past – so you can better manage it and keep your customers' systems running smoothly.

Custom IT Alerts

Stay on top of all the systems you're managing all the time with Liongard's automated alerts.

Security & Compliance

Proactively protect and quickly assess users, assets and changes in critical systems across the technology stack.

Sales Assessments

Gain the visibility you need into your customers' systems to accurately scope services and project work.


Improve your decision making with built-in reports that give you the data you need for QBRs, health checks, audits, billing reviews and more.

Endpoint Visibility

Spend less time digging for data and more time growing your business with Endpoint Inspectors that enable you to monitor, manage and report on all your endpoints, all in one place.

How It Works

It's time to rethink the way you're managing modern IT. With Liongard's automation, your team can get broad visibility and deep insights across the technology stack, all in one place.

Go Back in Time

Go back in time with a complete history that lets you troubleshoot issues and gain situational awareness about changes previously made to your customers' IT environments.

Detect System Changes

Improve security by being aware when changes occur – whether that's a change in user privileges in Active Directory or a change to DNS.

Dive Deep Into the Data

Gain a unified view across systems and easily navigate through systems to find the information you need with Liongard's seamless UI .

Manage With Metrics

Isolate the data you care about tracking with metrics – Liongard's building block for fast health checks, alerts, reports and more.

Customize Alerts

Fully customizable alerts allow you to define your own best practices and take a proactive approach to staying on top of licensing, domain changes and other critical tasks that can easily get overlooked.

Easily Report on Your Data

Gain deeper insights and the ability to manage at scale with reports that let you look at your systems across all environments.

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