Roar has platform integrations with leading PSAs, and an ever-growing list of system integrations to automate the discovery, documentation, change detection, and assessments of cloud, network, and on-premise systems that MSPs manage.

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Platform Integrations

"The functionality and efficiencies of Roar will have an immediate impact on the success of our partners and the ecosystem as a whole."
Travis Vigneau, Director of Channel Sales and Alliances - ConnectWise



Full-loop ticket status integration with ConnectWise Manage service boards including statuses, priority, and company mappings.

ConnectWise Marketplace

IT Glue

If you use IT Glue for process docs, Roar can update your customer system configurations in IT Glue. Requires IT Glue's Enterprise API.

Automate IT Glue with Roar Live-Tables


Integration with the AutoTask PSA is coming soon.

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Integration with ServiceNow is coming soon.

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System Integrations

Roar unifies the data that matters most to MSPs to find the diamonds that showcase your expertise. Start inspecting these systems and more:

Active Directory

Discovery and documentation of Users, Groups, Roles, Devices, and more.

Office 365

Details for Microsoft Office 365 including Users, Roles, Licenses, Directory Sync, Email Policies, SharePoint, and Apps

SQL Server

Capture details on SQL Databases, Users, Roles, Jobs, and know when last backups occured.

Microsoft Azure

Detailed information on Users, VMs, Containers, Databases and more.

Id Monitoring

Identifies and monitors for accounts that have been reported in a known data breach.

Internet Domains

Track expirations, changes, and renewals with deep and detailed web domain, DNS, A, C, MX record details, and SSL assessments.

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TLS/SSL Inspection

Performs a deep inspection of the TLS/SSL certificate, with details on protocols, vulnerabilities, and expiration.


Coverage of details for AWS accounts including IAM Users, VPCs, Subnets, EC2, and S3 Buckets.

Cisco ASA

License State, Port Interfaces, Firewall Rules, Running & Startup Configuration, and much more.

Cisco Meraki

Deep details including Users, Device Counts, License, Firewall Rules, Traffic patterns and much more.


Quick access to details for Users, Groups, Licenses, Performance, Interfaces, Firewall Rules, 

Webroot GSM

Provides GSM level details for endpoints, agent version, update status, last scan and policies


Inspects a Windows Server, returning a wide variety of data including disk information, file shares, installed software and services, patch levels, and more.

Network IP

Documents Provider details associated with a network IP address

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Inspects a Ubiquiti UniFi controller, returning a basic data print and data views.


Inspects Datto Partner Portal API. Returns an overview along with initial data views on backups, agents, and shares.


Inspects users and configurations to Citrix - coming soon.


Fortigate overview and rules now in preview.


Firewall overview and rules – now in preview.

Sophos XG

Firewall overview and rules – coming soon.

Cisco IOS

Overview in Preview.

Cisco Umbrella

Inspection of Cisco Umbrella - formerly OpenDNS

Cisco Umbrella Investigate

Overview in Preview - Requires a Umbrella Investigate API key


Overview coming soon.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Now in preview.


Overview of backups now in preview.


Inspects CrashPlan from Code42 for backups - now in preview.


Now in preview - monitor Salesforce user, groups, permissions, and configurations

Git Leaks

Now in preview - track and detect whether Git repositories are leaking sensitive data


GoDaddy registrar details, domains, and subscription details.


Users and overview now in preview.


Users and overview now in preview.

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