datto autotask and liongard integration


Your Updated & Improved Autotask Integration

Liongard’s Datto Autotask PSA integration creates an intuitive service desk with handy tools that enable:

  • Rapid customer onboarding
  • Instant insights across dashboards
  • Actionable alerts and quick alert responses
  • Identification of inspectors
  • Easily visible service calls
  • Effortless management of extension callouts
  • Efficient billing
  • More features ideal for secure data management, remote monitoring, and optimized CRM

Reports That Are Easy to Create

With our Autotask PSA integrations, report management has never been easier. Build a template and create or edit reports quickly and efficiently.

Datto Autotask Integration Features

Company Import and Mapping

Company Import and Mapping

Relate Autotask PSA accounts with Liongard, and map any existing Liongard environments to Autotask.

Account Auto-Detection

Account Auto-Detection

Quickly track web domains and TLS/SSL certificates on imported accounts in Autotask PSA.

Ticket Generation

Ticket Generation

As issues arise, service tickets automatically go into Autotask for immediate action. You can easily set up the type of alerts for ticket creation and priorities for tickets.

Rapid Customer Onboarding

Eliminate manual onboarding processes so you’re up and running with accurate system configuration data, which is assessed continuously.

Instant Insights

Gain faster, deeper visibility into customers with up-to-date documentation that illuminates important information for your team.

Actionable Alerts

Actively protect your customers with automatic notifications on critical changes, so you can address them before they become larger problems.

Identification of Inspectors

Auto-detection quickly shows MSPs which of Liongard’s dozens of additional system inspectors they’ll need to deploy in the future.

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