Manage Multiple Systems With Automated Ease

Manually updating multiple systems leaves room for error and can be nearly impossible to manage. Liongard automates documentation across the IT management software stack and highlights what changes were made across all systems and customers.

Establish a Baseline

Define your ideal configurations and then set alerts to be notified when changes occur.

Detect Changes and Act

Get notified when changes happen so you can take proactive action to resolve issues.

Go Back in Time

Make troubleshooting easier with the ability to view historical data for any day in the past since the inspector was implemented.


Historical Data Allows MSP To Pinpoint Costly, Unauthorized Changes

When a third-party vendor performing server maintenance caused a massive 3-day outage but denied fault, Doberman Technologies was able to use Liongard's historical timeline to resolve the outage, hold the third-party vendor accountable and preserve a $13K/month relationship with their customer.


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