Manual Processes Mean More Room for Error

With so many systems to manage, simple things can get overlooked, no matter how many checklists and procedures you put into place. With Liongard's library of over 300 IT alerts for managing critical systems, you can finally feel confident you're on top of every detail, every time.

Set IT Alerts for Any System

A comprehensive library of alerts across the stack lets you monitor critical systems, users or changes.

Create & Customize Alerts To Fit Your Needs

Pinpoint any piece of data, from any system, and create specific thresholds you want to alert on.

View Alerts Where You Want

Full loop service tickets integrations are available with Autotask, ConnectWise or email.


IT Alerts Helps MSPs Work Smarter

Instead of searching manually for issues such as unused or duplicate Microsoft 365 licenses, out-of-date security certificates, disabled multi-factor authentication and critical changes, ES Consulting uses Liongard to silently inspect data and send alerts when it finds these (and many other) concerns.


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