Never Overlook a Critical Security or Compliance Issue Again

There's a lot to manage and monitor to ensure your customers' environments are secure and compliant. Liongard takes the burden of MSP security off your shoulders by allowing you to quickly assess activity across environments.

Assess Your Users' Privileges

Run user access reviews for Active Directory and Microsoft 365 to easily see who has access to what.

Review Changes To Assets

Quickly see changes in assets that attach to the network.

Detect Changes

Gain rapid insights into changes in configurations for firewall rules, ports or policies.


Taking the Stress Out of the Auditing Process

Using the alerts in Liongard, 5th Gear Technology Concepts has been able to help shed light on action items that they needed to work through to remain compliant with the various HIPAA and healthcare rules of its clients. They can also show auditors how they've addressed trends, which greatly speeds up the process.


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