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Stay on Top of Changes & Eliminate Config Drift​

Get the Complete Picture​

Liongard gives you a complete picture of your security posture by collecting configuration data from across the stack (70+ systems) and consolidating it into one place. For example, eliminate the manual effort and time you spend confirming M365 admins or checking if MFA is enabled – go straight to Liongard to get visibility across all your customers.​

Detect Changes and Prevent Configuration Drift​

Our change detections track configuration drift and alert you about the most critical changes you need to be aware about via a ticket that goes directly into your PSA. That way, you’re never caught unaware when a firewall port is accidentally left open or a user’s privileges change.​

Rewind Time to See What Happened​

We track configurations going back 18 months, meaning you can literally rewind time to see what the configurations were. Imagine never agonizing over DNS records being changed by the web developer and being able to just copy and paste them back in.​

Leverage Reports Across Customers & System for Compliance​

Run reports to get a full view of a customer’s environment or every customer you support.​ Our automation eliminates much of the labor intensive security audits that consume your team’s time and energy. Use Liongard’s automation to re-run past audits as often as you need. We can even make tickets for you right in your PSA when an issue needs attention.

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Managing M365 with Automation

Say goodbye to wasted hours spent manually reviewing user status and changes in your customers’ M365 environments. Say hello to Reports and Actionable Alerts about user access, license changes, potential exposures, MFA/password policies, and even more granular elements of this essential product.

Security One Pager

Liongard gives you a complete picture of your customers' environments so you know exactly what you need to protect. Download this one pager to see how.


Aligning with CIS CSC Frameworks

Make CIS work for you. Liongard has pre-built Report templates to get your customers standardized and aligned with CIS’ compliance guidelines. Build custom automation workflows to meet your MSP’s specific security compliance needs.

Liongard's Power BI Templates

We're going to walk you through a few of our favorite ways these reports can help you answer and address security questions quickly and easily.

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Firewall Monitoring

Create highly customizable Actionable Alerts to ensure your firewalls are in compliance with your MSP’s standards. We inspect devices across SonicWall, Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet FortiGate, HP ProCurve, WatchGuard, Sophos SG/Xg, pfSense, Barracuda, and Ubiquiti UniFi.

Business Data Solutions

"So we want to know that when we say, 'yes, your network is secure because we're looking after it and here's the metrics to prove it' that we've got the information to back that up." - Caroll Tuttle & Jason Robbins

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"It's all about reports with security. You have to be able to prove that you've been doing your auditing and you're pulling all the data from each one of the devices that are involved." - Ken Patterson

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Atlas Technica

"When we see specific records change, Liongard can tell us that, and that tells us: this is good, this is bad, we should ask a question of an engineer." - Travis McMurry

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"We have the need to see what's going on across all of our systems, across our cloud systems, across our Active Directory. And that creates a lot of data silos and it creates gaps for our technicians to find information." - Alex Morrow

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How machineLOGIC Uses Automation to Secure

For machineLOGIC, identifying critical systems issues is a top priority. The team currently use Liongard to automate security and other critical alerts across customer systems. Their custom Actionable Alerts automatically notify the team of any change in privilege level so they can quickly verify its validity and act if the change came from a compromised user.


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