Liongard Foundations: Deep Data Transforms and Fuels MSPs

In the Liongard Foundations Series, we take a closer look at elements that are unique to Liongard technology. It’s an opportunity to learn about the key features and attributes that set the Liongard Deep Data Platform apart from the competition, as well as how Liongard’s Deep Data helps MSPs stay ahead of the curve by lifting the complexity burden, automating the mundane and getting to answers faster.

Imagine an MRI that could capture detailed and real-time data about the state of your client’s IT infrastructure. That’s the power of Liongard’s Deep Data Platform. And while there might be technology on the market that can provide piecemeal insights and baseline indicators, none of it comes close to providing the breadth and depth of insights into client systems that Liongard’s proprietary technology can offer MSPs.

As Matt Miller, Liongard’s VP for Product notes, “there are tools that can provide something like an EKG of client systems that will show you bits and pieces of events, but nothing in the market that provides deep visibility into configuration state across all of the systems that MSPs must manage.”

Liongard’s Deep Data Platform evaluates and documents the full MSP stack: from cloud systems like Microsoft 365 and Azure to individual Windows endpoints, plus the critical systems in between like security tools and network equipment. It documents, provides in-depth analysis, and serves as a living system of record of client systems across the wide range of technologies they may be using.

Liongard’s Deep Data Platform allows MSPs to generate a complete and detailed picture of how those systems are configured. It answers essential questions about user identities and user permissions. It also lets our automated technology generate a full representation of your clients’ different configurations, creating a unified data set that is queryable, actionable and audit-ready for your business.

“Our M365 and Cisco Meraki inspectors, to name just a couple, track deep configuration details about those key systems that keep an average SMB connected to the internet and in touch with their customers,” notes Matt. “And our technology provides that excellent coverage across a huge range of systems.”

The Liongard Deep Data Platform’s suite of inspectors transforms messy, hard to reach system configurations into a unified source of intelligence. With every vendor representing configurations differently, Liongard technology can translate data from those different technologies into a common actionable language for MSPs and store it all in one place. Our firewall inspectors, for example, help ensure that foundational pieces of security are protecting client systems as they should and that misconfigurations aren’t compromising valuable data assets.

As well as giving MSPs access to different client configurations and data states using a single portal, our system also allows for open API integrations so that third-party and in-house applications can leverage available data from the Deep Data Platform. This makes it easy for MSPs to deliver a variety of analytic and technological solutions, such as client billing reconciliation, to enhance existing client IT systems.

Instrument, transform and fuel

The Liongard Deep Data Platform gives MSPs a living system of record of their clients’ IT stacks. It provides them with real time data of IT systems while automating the documentation process, saving time and money. Equipped with the data they need, MSPs can more effectively transform that data into actionable results for their clients. That data fuels the workflows that lead to improvements in client infrastructure and allow MSPs to monitor changes and prevent any problems caused by malicious actors or breakdowns of client infrastructure.

As Matt points out, “we transform data so that MSPs can fuel outcomes and workflows. We make it possible to write custom Metrics and rules to extract and alert on exactly the things that you care about. For example, if there is a change in the data state or if a license or certificate is about to expire, it’s easy to set up an alert so that the MSP takes care of something before it becomes an issue and can be the hero for their customer.”

The Deep Data Platform gives MSPs an Operational Advantage that sets them apart from the competition. It provides MSPs with a valuable tool to limit risk and liability by providing a living system of record that MSPs can use to audit changes or modifications to clients systems from the moment our technology is up and running on their platform.

By automating large parts of the onboarding and documentation process, the Liongard Deep Data Platform also helps focus technical expertise where it’s most needed instead of on tedious and time-consuming tasks. In the process, customer satisfaction isn’t compromised and MSPs don’t have to cut into their bottom line by hiring more staff.

Our technology team is continually upgrading and developing new solutions to address changes in the marketplace. This means MSPs can be confident that their Liongard license will be able to provide the insights they need as their clients implement new tools and technology on their IT stack.

With the Liongard Deep Data platform MSPs can deliver timely and cost-effective solutions. These solutions both protect the integrity of clients’ systems and data and also help MSPs manage valuable human resources. The result? Higher profits, regular revenue streams and solid referrals.

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