Liongard’s New Support Portal Aimed at Evolving the Customer Experience

How support got its start at Liongard

While working for a national logistics company, Kendrics Hawkins realized the opportunity to delve deeper into technology’s role in business success.

“Most of what I did there was more software-based, but it was also around helping Operations achieve the company’s business objectives through technology,” said Kendrics, Liongard’s Senior Director of Partner Success.

“I would meet with the business owners of different locations and work with them to strategically use technology so they could be as efficient as possible,” he added. “It was always around the business use case and what we were trying to accomplish.”

Kendrics soon took a role with a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

“When I went to work for the MSP, I started over,” Kendrics recalled. “I wanted to understand the  backbone of the infrastructure side of things.

So, I went back to the service desk. I worked a level one service desk, and from there, I went to work on a level 2 service desk,” Kendrics said. “Next, I became a subject matter expert in networking. My passion was around networking, and I learned that it is the backbone for many other things.”

Kendrics brought his unique background and insights to Liongard, where he saw the opportunity to blend business efficiency with partner success. Kendrics, now Sr. Director of Partner Success, recently spearheaded the development of the company’s new Support Portal, a one-stop shop for getting the most out of Liongard.

The new portal includes self guided resources for troubleshooting common issues, as well as access to other resources, such as Liongard’s Documentation site, Liongard Academy, and Status Page. Its content is organized and easy to search, so partners can find exactly what they need.

We asked Kendrics a few questions about the portal and what partners can expect.

What’s the goal of the new support portal?

It will help us be more efficient internally and will make it easier for our Partners to find all the support they need in one place. One of our company’s Core Values is to “experiment and evolve.” This is one way we apply that value to deliver a better experience for our partners and our employees. Our focus on the Partner experience starts during the sales process, continues in Smart Start Onboarding, and is present throughout our Partners’ journey of adopting and learning our platform.

How will Liongard’s Partners benefit from the new portal?

It will allow them to self-service and troubleshoot faster without sitting and waiting in line to talk with a support engineer. It will  surface answers to common questions that multiple partners are asking or raising, so they can easily resolve them. Most technicians would rather do this then have to reach out and call us.

What prompted the push to develop the new Support Portal?

 Proactively giving our Partners the information they need to address issues will help both our Partners and our Support team be more efficient. This portal will enable Partners to solve simple issues more quickly, giving our team more time to take on the more complex issues. 

How much time will this save Partners?

Before this portal was created, there were some issues that Partners ran into that had straightforward, documented workarounds. We didn’t have any easy way to provide those solutions without chatting with them, which meant they had to wait. 

We all know that every minute counts. If a Partner waits five or ten minutes to speak with someone. Then they spend 15 minutes on the phone with them, that means a Partner has just spent 25 minutes of their time waiting to get an answer to a common issue. Now, Partners can search the support portal for their issue for the  relevant troubleshooting article on how to resolve that issue. That means what used to take a Partner 25 minutes to resolve, now takes five to ten minutes.

What type of information can Partners expect to find on the Support Portal?

In addition to Troubleshooting Articles, our Support Portal enables Partners to share information about their open cases that could help us resolve them more quickly. It also allows us to share status updates on an open case so Partners can easily see how it’s progressing. 

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