Automated documentation saves TeamLogic IT $40k/year

Streamlined processes also cut onboarding time down to 60 minutes

TeamLogic IT – Memphis has been providing managed services for medium to small businesses since 2011. Specializing in Security and Compliance, the Memphis location believes having the right talent, technology and information is key to their 98% retention rate. Led by Drayton Mayers, President of TeamLogic IT – Memphis, 10 employees process over 8,000 tickets annually. Their mission is to exceed customer expectations by preventing and removing IT pain.

To continue growing and onboarding new clients, Drayton knew he needed a solution that automated documentation and change management, and lower onboarding times, all while keeping his expenses in check.

The Challenge:
Manual documentation wastes time and increases time to resolution

Onboarding new customers was a labor-intensive process that involved documenting network configurations by hand. “Our team would literally spend hours documenting a client; you hope they accurately recorded all the changes,” said Mayers. Resolving customer IT calls was also a manual process, requiring engineers to check multiple systems, which increased ticket resolution times.

“We measure success on Average Time to Resolution,” said Mayers. “Margins are very slim in our industry. The time it takes to onboard a client and continuously monitor changes in their environment 24x7x365 is hard,” said Mayers. This led Mayers to inquire about how Liongard could help his team overcome their MSP IT pain.

Our Solution:
Streamlined processes cut onboarding time from 40 hours to 60 minutes

It was imperative any new tool would improve service delivery without business disruption. To ensure success, Liongard enrolled TeamLogic IT – Memphis in a 6-stage program that helped map out the entire process for implementation. With over 70 system inspectors and counting, Liongard provides in-depth configuration data of cloud, network and on-premise systems to give Mayer’s team visibility across all of their customer environments. The data is consolidated into a single portal for easy access, eliminating the need for escalations. Liongard’s automation provides a seamless customer experience for onboarding new customers. The MSP’s system documentation process is now automated and improving onboarding time dramatically from about 40 hours to just 60 minutes.

“Ever since we implemented Liongard automation, we’ve seen HUGE IMPROVEMENT in our resolution times.”

Immediate visibility, immediate savings

Once TeamLogic IT – Memphis implemented Liongard, the team started seeing immediate results. The once time-consuming and manual process for onboarding new clients became an automated process.

With Liongard’s multi-system dashboard, TeamLogic IT– Memphis now has unified visibility into their IT stack. All engineers have visibility across their systems and can resolve incidents on the first call. With this new view and access, the MSP has improved Average Time to Resolution (ATR) by 62.5%, shaved 5 minutes off the ATR of reactive tickets and significantly improved customer satisfaction scores.

TeamLogic IT – Memphis’s engineers also reported an increase in job satisfaction. “It’s less stressful when you have the ‘configs’ instantly available and right in front of you because we have to be fast and good in our remediation,” said Mayers. Engineers who were once frustrated by manual processes and incomplete data are now happy with Liongard’s automation. They are confident in the data, enabling them to provide excellent customer service.

With the successful implementation of Liongard automation, TeamLogic IT – Memphis saw $40K in operational costs savings in less than one year. Now, Mayers and his team can focus on growing the business, investing in the staff and exceeding the expectations of its customers.

“Pleasing our clients is PRICELESS, saving on labor is PRICELESS.”

See what unified visibility can do for your MSP

Learn how you can standardize, secure and scale across your MSP—see how Liongard works, or schedule a platform walk-through today.

Liongard is continuously enhancing features based on partner feedback and provides ongoing education to all partners. Partners can also further leverage the power of Liongard’s automation software by attending the Roar Academy to learn best practices and use cases. It is this commitment to continuous improvement and enhancing automation that makes Liongard the ideal partner for TeamLogic IT – Memphis.


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