Automatically Discover, Document and Audit All Your Systems

Still manually logging in to manage Internet Domains, SQL Servers and every system in between? Unify systems in Liongard to audit historical data, see critical changes, set proactive alerts and report across the IT stack.

Automate IT Documentation

Automate IT Documentation

Onboard customers faster and monitor system changes daily with Liongard's unified automation platform.

Proactively Secure and Protect

Proactively Secure and Protect

Conduct rapid security assessments and ensure all your customers' systems are protected with automated alerts.

Strengthen Sales and Account Management

Strengthen Sales and Account Management

Unlock data with Liongard for periodic business reviews, scoping new projects and converting customers to Managed Services.


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Bob’s story will sound familiar. And just like Bob, you can transform Chaos into Unified Visibility with Liongard.

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Unlock the Power of Automation and Rapidly Secure and Scale Your MSP

Make every aspect of running your MSP more efficient, profitable and secure – from how you assess potential customers to how you protect their systems. Liongard automates the process, minimizes human errors and streamlines your workflow for greater profitability.

  • IT Automation - Sales


    Rapidly and accurately evaluate and scope prospective customers.

  • IT Automation - Onboarding


    Dramatically increase the speed and decrease the labor of onboarding customers by automating documentation.

  • IT Automation - Service Desk

    Service Desk & NOC

    Proactively identify and resolve changes through automated alerts to avoid customer downtime.

  • IT Automation - Account Management

    Account Management

    Quickly assess the state of a customer with automated data discovery and robust reporting capabilities.

  • IT Automation - Security Operations

    Security Operations Center

    Stay on top of security and compliance issues by pulling audit reports and assessing changes in a matter of minutes.

  • IT Automation - Billing


    Increase the speed and accuracy of your billing by allowing finance teams to easily access the data they need.

  • IT Automation - C-Suite


    Do more with your team, boosting your profit margins and allowing you to expand without growing your talent pool.


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