Announcing improvements to our IT Glue integration

on Jun 18, 2019 in Insights

“There’s a number of adjectives that describe the vast amount of data that we were pushing into IT Glue,” said Vincent Tran, chief operating officer with Houston-based Liongard. “Depending on the size of the customer, we could push hundreds of rows of data into IT Glue and (partners) needed much more granular control over the details that they were sending across. This is to strengthen the relationship we have with IT Glue partners, as well as the folks who are out there who do use IT Glue, who want to make sure they have granular control over those flexible asset fields.”

Introducing Roar's New IT Glue Flexible Asset Control which allows you to select the data fields Roar pushes over for each Flexible Asset Type.

With this update, you can now select which data fields get pushed into IT Glue Flexible Assets. You can choose to include the full data, include only a Roar link, or exclude it altogether. Check out the docs here.

Read more about why we released this update on CRN

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