A Winning Culture Makes for an Awesome Workplace

Liongard at the Core: A Winning Culture Makes for an Awesome Workplace

Here’s how we strive to be the best in the business!

Despite a pandemic and an unexpected shift to remote working, our team is feeling the love for Liongard more than ever. We love to celebrate the core values, culture and team that make Liongard thrive. Here are some of the ways we create our own special brand of je ne sais quoi at Liongard that might spark some ideas for your own team.

Accountability through Core Values

If you didn’t know, we’re kind of enamored with our core values at Liongard—they form our foundation and drive everything we do. Liongard follows the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which focuses on establishing strong core values and goals both for the company and every individual. It also ensures we have 100% right people in 100% of the right roles.  At Liongard, we:

  • Listen & Learn: We’re not a perfection culture—we’re a learning culture. This starts on Day 1 with our in-depth onboarding process, Liongard University, and continues with Weekly Learning Challenges.
  • Adapt & Automate: We’re flexible and agile as new information comes in or situations change. When the pandemic hit, Liongard leadership helped take the stress out of working from home, including assisting with the financial burden of setting up a home office and creating a welcome environment for the extended Liongard family. Kids and pets are, naturally, encouraged to drop by Zoom meetings!
  • Execute as a Team: Through EOS, we have 10-, 3-, and 1-year goals as an organization, breaking objectives down into manageable 90-day projects for teams and individuals. This way, everyone knows what to work on and rows in the same direction.
  • Focus on Visible Progress: With clear goals in place, it’s easy for us to see progress as it’s being made. This empowers us all to celebrate big wins quarterly and annually, but also the incremental wins any and every day of the week.
  • Teach & Lead: Teaching is just as important as learning here. We all have the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve based on our skillset. Everyone is also encouraged to become active in our thought leaderships webinars and blogs, sharing their unique knowledge and valuable insights.

Culture Comes First

Our culture isn’t just something we learn about during onboarding; we’re encouraged to live it every day! We set our culture apart from the competition through:

  • Accessible and Personable Leadership: Our leadership team is active at every level, from participating in (or leading) Weekly Learning Challenges and games to taking time for donuts with teammates, and they’re always a quick Slack away. Though they possess decades of industry experience, they’re also excited to learn from everyone else.
  • Transparency: Using the Vision/Traction Organizer from EOS, our 10-, 3- and 1-year plans help everyone on the team understand goals. Learning is encouraged, which means meetings have open-door policies, with meeting notes shared company-wide on Confluence.
  • Gamification: We’re an energetic group that loves to use trivia, quizzes, scavenger hunts and other creative methods to make learning fun and information easy to retain.
  • Deep Work: Every Thursday afternoon, the entire company is encouraged to participate in Deep Work, which means no meetings, no calls, just mindful focus. HR blocks calendars to keep us all free for this important exercise.
  • Meaningful Engagement: By calling out exceptional work, offering incentive programs, clubs and flexible PTO, or just mingling at a happy hour (virtually, lately), it’s all about coming together as people first.

We’re Feeling the Love

Positive testimonials from both consumers and employees about your product/service and workplace can be good for business and help attract top-tier talent that fit in with your unique culture.

Here’s a sampling of our past and present team members’ opinions on working at Liongard, taken from Glassdoor.com:

  • “An incredible company full of outstanding people and possibilities!”
  • “Kindness and innovation are the themes of working here.”
  • “Collaborative, genuine and mission driven.”
  • “Best challenge I’ve ever accepted.”
  • “Outstanding tech startup – rare culture of constantly learning and improving”
  • “Didn’t think Jobs like this existed”
  • “Liongard sets a Golden Standard.”
  • “Amazing team in a fast growth environment”
  • “A whole team focused on success!”
  • “Best company I’ve ever worked for!”
  • “A great place to learn and grow.”
  • “All about the employees and the customer!”
  • “Best Culture in My 20 Year Career”

We’re humbled by these words and driven to continue making Liongard a fun, collaborative, amazing place to work and learn.

If you’re looking for an innovative company that values its people, come work at Liongard!



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