How Resellers and Service Providers Can Add MRR

While selling hardware brings in substantial revenue, it’s not always predictable or steady, and it’s not the fastest path to growth. These days, pricing is transparent, competition is high, and margins are low, and manufacturers are increasingly selling directly to customers.

Competing on price isn’t feasible anymore – it’s critical to differentiate based on services, relationships and local presence. If you want to scale your business profitably, creating a stream of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is critical to super-charge your growth.

Why do you need MRR?

By adding more recurring revenue every month, you’ll have:

  • More financial stability
  • More confidence to branch out while still paying the bills
  • Better forecasting abilities, which helps determine when hiring more staff is necessary
  • The ability to focus on high-value relationships and say “no” to less-profitable work

Ways service providers and resellers are branching out into Managed Services

As a reliable provider of technology and office equipment to businesses, you’re naturally positioned to expand into Managed Services. You may already sell subscriptions to Microsoft 365 and other systems, so why not dip your toes into managed services by offering your customers more? You’ll be able to net the MRR your business needs to stay afloat and thrive.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Managing Internet Domains and TLS
  • Selling Microsoft 365
  • Offering cloud management and monitoring of MS365, G Suite, Microsoft Azure, AWS and more
  • Providing antivirus/antispam
  • Delivering backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions
  • Monitoring security

Using Liongard to increase MRR
Wading into MSP territory might seem daunting at first, but Liongard’s advanced automation platform lets you do so with confidence. By automating manual tasks for you, alerting you to issues, and putting the information you need front and center, Liongard frees up your team’s time to continue pursuing more and more project work and recurring revenue opportunities.

Liongard makes it easy to enter managed services by:

  • Reducing the need to add more staff. Liongard uses automated documentation to cut new customer onboarding time from 25 to 40 hours down to just 4 hours, on average. Plus, Liongard monitors your customers’ environments and notifies you when something needs your attention via Actionable Alerts submitted as tickets into your ticketing system. This frees up your techs to focus on what matters most, rather than manually monitoring countless systems and customers.
  • Reducing the need for technical expertise. Liongard integrates with 48 systems (and counting) across the tech stack that your customers already use, including MS365, Azure Active Directory, G Suite, Auvik, Datto RMM, Domain/DNS, IT Glue and SonicWall. Each system is inspected at least once per day, ensuring your documentation is always updated, detecting changes and alerting you when something needs your attention.
  • Helping you identify new opportunities. With just a few clicks, Liongard can perform rapid assessments of cloud, network infrastructure, applications, databases, and servers/workstations to identify opportunities for new project work.
  • Avoiding knowledge silos. Liongard democratizes information, giving your Level 1 techs the ability to solve issues quickly and freeing your Level 3 tech to work on critical, high-revenue projects.

With research, planning and Liongard on your side, your team can increase monthly recurring revenue for greater stability and profitability.

To learn more about leveraging Liongard to increase MRR, check out our webinar, hosted by D&H Distributing Or, schedule a demo to see Liongard in action.


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