Want to Improve Valuation and Profit Margin? Start With Automation

ChannelPro published a thought leadership piece from Shawn Sailer, Liongard’s Vice President of Sales, highlighting how automation can help MSPs improve their valuation and profit margins.

It’s an ever-important topic for the industry. But right now, it seems particularly critical given the uncertainty of the past two years and the ongoing economic headwinds.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have an opportunity to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing their employees’ time to allow them to focus on more profitable aspects of the business. When they do this, they will reap numerous benefits, including improving their organization’s overall value.

Businesses are increasingly facing increasing costs everywhere they look. MSPs are not immune to these pressures; they may feel it more than other industries.

“There are two ways for MSPs to increase their profitability: increase revenue through sales or become more operationally efficient by harnessing the data at their fingertips,” Shawn noted in the piece. “This is not a binary choice; successful MSPs do both.””.

MSPs need data to be successful, but collecting data is often time-consuming. Consider when a problem arises; 95% of the effort is research, and the other 5% is knowing which system to change.

The two options for collecting data in this scenario are manually checking every system or using a tool that automatically collects data from the systems in use. They can use that information to help them make an educated and immediate decision.

Embracing automation empowers MSPs to improve customer service, which often leads to increased profit margins. In doing so, they will also rise above their competition.

As Shawn mentioned in the article, “Automating discovery and documentation while actively monitoring IT systems empowers MSPs to audit their customers to understand growth opportunities, proactively identify changes to stay ahead, and free up employees’ time to focus on more profitable aspects of the business, thus improving their company’s overall value.”

MSPs that do not use automation to get the data they need to ensure they deliver for their customers lack a competitive advantage. Those MSPs that don’t are doing themselves a disservice and — more importantly — their customers a disservice.

Click here to read the entire piece on ChannelPro’s website.

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