Business Impact: What can Deep Data do for MSPs?

In the Business Impact series, we take a detailed look at how the Liongard Deep Data Platform delivers an Operational Advantage by automatically capturing configuration and event data across a customer’s IT stack. The result is not only increased satisfaction for their clients but higher profits for the MSP.

The Liongard Deep Data platform is a one-of-a-kind technology for MSPs. It lets MSPs transform messy system configuration data into unified data set that’s structured, query-able, actionable and audit-ready. Its impact on an MSP’s bottom line is significant, providing an Operational Advantage: instead of technicians spending time manually documenting and auditing system configurations, they can spend more time providing excellent service to customers, helping MSPs break out of the forced choice between service quality and profitability.

Liongard integrations automate the documentation process so that MSPs spend less time on manual tasks and more time delivering excellent service to their clients. As Matt Miller, Liongard’s VP of Product notes, “instead of committing valuable human capital to to manually finding the answer to questions, checking for configuration changes, or pulling data for audits, we automate that process across the entire MSP tech stack and put all of that data in one place.”

MSPs no longer have to worry about operating at a minimum state – serving your customers tomorrow when they want your help today. Once implemented, Liongard automatically inspects systems each and every day to make sure that your team is always working from the latest data, ensuring that your team is always working from the latest and greatest data, and automatically alerting to concerning conditions or changes to key system configuration elements. Deep Data monitoring reduces time-consuming multiple log-ins and manual audits, saving critical IT managed services expertise and know how for more important tasks.

Automating the audit and documentation process helps speed up and streamline client onboarding. It also provides a quick and efficient way for MSPs to query systems and keep tabs on any of the day-to-day processes that might affect a client’s IT stack and infrastructure. Examples range from the simple-but-critical like monitoring DNS changes and SSL certificate expirations to much more complex like defining and reporting on lists of billable users depending on complex criteria.Liongard’s open API integration also makes it easy for MSPs to connect to client data sets to third-party apps and in-house tools they may have developed for their customers to provide ongoing security and insights into customer systems.

As Matt points out, “the Liongard Deep Data Platform is really distinct from what’s out there in the market. Our the breadth and depth of the data that our inspectors bring in coupled with our data platform’s ability to get at just the data that you need set us apart. Investing and unified visibility and process automation increasingly defines what a best-in-class MSP looks like.”

Other MSP tools may gather particular subsets of data, but Liongard’s Deep Data Platform is the only MSP software of its kind with the ability to access such a breadth and depth of data from across the MSP tech stack. By creating a common language across customer IT systems, “MSPs don’t have to manually pull data at every stage of the customer lifecycle,” notes Matt. “They set it up once and then data gathering becomes an evergreen effort.”

Our core features, such as change detection and the historical timeline give MSPs provide a living system of record from the moment clients are onboarded, accelerating initial documentation processes, enabling the full MSP team to support new customers more quickly, and limiting liability in co-managed situations.

Not only are client systems always running in a known state, but with unified visibility, Liongard’s Deep Data Platform can proactively detect changes and stay one step ahead so that MSPs can focus on revenue generating activities.

Liongard technology gives MSPs insights into baseline data and shows how it changes over time. This makes it easier for MSPs to demonstrate the continuous value they deliver to their customers. The Deep Data Platform helps cultivate those important customer relationships and improve profitability.

The Deep Data Platform gives MSPs an Operational Advantage. It instruments, transforms and fuels MSP processes to deliver effective, time-sensitive solutions. Our technology doesn’t just help MSPs ensure that their customers’ systems are running smoothly and safely, it also gives them tools to effectively manage valuable human resources while ensuring profitability, regular revenue streams and solid referrals.

We like to say that Liongard technology keeps MSPs ahead of the curve,” says Matt. “We provide the visibility that MSPs need to cover their customers’ risks and needs in more efficient and delightful ways. And in the long run, that’s what helps MSPs build a great business.”

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