Continuously Audit Installed Software: MSPs Can Rely on Liongard

Continuously Audit Installed Software: MSPs Can Rely on Liongard

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), maintaining an accurate inventory of supported versions of installed software across your client’s environment is paramount. As with all IT-related things, changes over time introduce risk in the form of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. The risks associated with failing to perform routine audits and checks range from exposure to cyber threats, system inefficiencies, and non-compliance issues to possible service disruptions. But how can you streamline this process, reducing time, effort, and potential human errors? This is where Liongard’s automation comes into play. 

The Problem: Auditing Supported Versions of Installed Software on Devices 

Traditional auditing methods can be very time-intensive, burdensome, and thus performed infrequently or even at all. As a result, MSPs may miss out on critical vulnerabilities, particularly in complex and ever-changing client environments. It’s necessary to ensure that all installed applications are up-to-date, licensed, and secure. What’s more, no two client environments are alike, adding an additional layer of variability that makes manual auditing extremely challenging. By relying on Liongard’s continuous inventory of software installed on Windows workstations and Servers, MSPs have an accurate record of historical and current state at their fingertips. 

Detecting Unsupported Software on Endpoints 

Liongard’s platform provides additional value by alerting you to when your clients’ software drifts from a desired state, making it easier than ever to monitor, detect and address any addition of unsupported software installed on endpoints. This holistic, automated approach to software auditing is more efficient and reliable than manual methods, saving time and money for MSPs and their clients. 

The Impact on MSPs’ End Users 

Unsupported or unauthorized software can open significant vulnerabilities within an environment. Such applications can hamper productivity, damage company resources, and seriously threaten data security. By leveraging Liongard’s platform, MSPs can provide their end users with a safer, more secure, and more efficient IT environment. 

The Liongard Advantage 

Liongard enables MSPs to maintain an accurate inventory of supported software, ensuring investments in critical defense tools like anti-malware and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions are installed and effectively deployed across all endpoints. The platform also allows MSPs to remove any unsupported or unauthorized software within the environment, minimizing potential threats and vulnerabilities. 

The Metrics that Matter  

On a Windows endpoint, for example, Liongard provides MSPs with a comprehensive list of installed software, a software list, and information about the antivirus system installed on the workstation. These insights give MSPs an in-depth understanding of their client’s software ecosystems, helping them better manage and secure their IT environment. 

In conclusion, Liongard is essential for MSPs looking to automate and streamline their software auditing processes. Its ability to detect unsupported software, keep an inventory of supported software, and ensure the installation of defensive tools like anti-malware and EDR offers significant advantages for MSPs and their clients. By providing a more secure and efficient IT environment, Liongard enables MSPs to deliver better service to their end users, enhancing their reputation and operational efficiency. 

As an MSP, don’t let your client’s IT environment become a breeding ground for vulnerabilities. Equip your sales team with the knowledge they need about software auditing and the power of Liongard. Let them understand the significance of this powerful tool and help them deliver the value and security your clients deserve. Remember, a well-audited software environment is a secure one. 

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