Don’t Get Spooked This Halloween

While Halloween is traditionally a day for spooks, bad actors want to make every day scary for businesses.

Threats are increasing. Every company is a potential target, and businesses face attacks from all directions. MSPs know this threat all too well; they see it targeting the many systems they oversee.

But preparing for and responding to the threat may be challenging for MSPs. They often deal with multiple generations of architecture and a lack of tools to manage a wider variety of systems — and every company has a different system.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges — teams working from various locations. The ongoing supply chain disruptions exacerbating the problems — making it difficult for companies to secure the necessary hardware to protect their networks.

At this point, MSPs have two options. They can stand by and hope they don’t fall victim to an attack — which, given the current trajectory, doesn’t seem likely — or they can take a proactive security approach and prepare for a threat that will eventually darken their door.

Decisions require data

MSPs no longer have to operate in the dark; they can’t know where to act if they don’t have visibility into their systems. Considering systems are living ecosystems and growing ever more complex by the day, deciding where and how to act is nothing more than a guessing game — unless they have data.

Buried deep within the data of an MSP’s ecosystem is a trove of data that MSPs can use to inform their decisions. When properly harnessed, MSPs can use it to unify, connect and transform all their IT systems’ data into an actionable asset.

They need a map to help transform the disparate data inside IT systems into a unified data set that’s structured, query-able, actionable, and audit-ready.

Why Deep Data matters

Our Deep Data Platform automates the discovery, documentation, and auditing of IT systems. With Liongard, MSPs can tap into the power of data and run in a known state.

They know when and where their world changes with visibility tracked over time and alerts that anticipate what’s next. With this insight, MSPs know where to focus their efforts.

It effectively acts as a force multiplier on team performance by lifting the complexity burden, automating the mundane and acquiring answers faster.

As we close out Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, rather than waiting to see what tricks a bad actor has planned, companies can treat themselves to a proactive security posture.

Roughly 2,000 of the best-run MSPs rely on Liongard to power the systems for their end customers daily.

Are you interested in learning more? Let’s connect. We’d love to tell you more about our Deep Data platform’s power and how it will ensure your business’s safety and success.


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