Using Technology to Empower Teams to Do More

Companies continue to face concerns about the economy and difficulty hiring talent — let alone the right talent. The business landscape is fraught with challenges, and, unfortunately, today’s business problems often compound one another.

A company cannot expand without the right talent, but organizations often can’t find the right people to hire. They need to find a way to break the cycle. It’s a concern affecting nearly every industry, but MSPs can take action that allows them to overcome this headwind.

Technology can help companies avoid the need to hire additional team members. Rather than worry about assembling the right team, businesses — and MSPs in particular — should ensure their teams have the right tools to maximize their efforts.

To raise their profitability, MSPs can grow their sales, or they can explore ways to increase workers’ efficiency.

They also have a third option. They can increase operational efficiency and master their sales. When they do this, they benefit from the double bang on the bottom line and increased profitability.

A company can have all the revenue its leaders want, but if the organization is not profitable, it doesn’t matter. For MSPs, recurring revenue is critical to long-term success — just as it is for all businesses. Often, MSPs have either the ability to increase their revenue or their sales.

Technology can help them do both.

MSPs are fighting for a limited talent pool of good technology-savvy people. The only solution is to do more with their resources.

MSPs that want to grow and acquire new customers don’t need to hire extra employees. They need the tools to allow their teams to manage more without more people.

For example, consider an MSP managing 20 customers with just a few technicians.

A company cannot burden those techs with 100 customers and expect them not to make mistakes because of the volume of responsibilities — or, even worse, burn out. Companies must empower those techs to be more effective with a more extensive customer base, and the only way that they make that leap is through automation.

Automation allows techs to limit their number of manual tasks. It gives them the data they need to make reliable decisions and focus on the most pressing needs rather than making them prioritize tasks without all the facts.

Automation also benefits the business by giving increased visibility across its systems, which can help identify potential risks before they become major problems.

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