Enhancing Proactive Management of Domains, Certificates, and DNS with Liongard

Enhancing Proactive Management of Domains, Certificates, and DNS with Liongard

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are no strangers to the criticality of effectively managing domains, certificates, and DNS. These elements form the bedrock of our digital infrastructure, playing pivotal roles in the smooth operation of our services. A proactive approach to managing these components is not just beneficial—it’s essential.

For instance, domains serve as the face of our digital presence. A lapse in domain registration can lead to a service blackout, impacting our operations and customer experiences. In digital certificates, particularly SSL/TLS, their importance in ensuring secure communication is second to none. The mishandling of these certificates could potentially expose sensitive data, damaging our reputation and customer trust. An SSL/TLS expiration can also prevent the proper loading of a site or service leading to loss of business or functionality of critical systems.

Similarly, the Domain Name Service (DNS), responsible for routing traffic within our networks. The mismanagement of DNS records could result in significant disruptions to our service delivery and potentially open doors to unintended outages and security vulnerabilities.

More often, since DNS is typically co-managed by marketing and IT teams, this can create situations where updates interrupt email and other domain dependent services. In other cases, DNS hygiene is overlooked, such as in the case with temporary or short-term marketing campaigns using a subdomain. It was found that 21% of DNS records point to content that does not resolve; this can leave companies vulnerable to subdomain hijacking.

Acknowledging these challenges, it’s crucial to remember that while we strive for proactive management, aspects, such as DKIM validation, currently present significant technical obstacles. Liongard can monitor and alert to the existence of a DKIM and DMARC record so that MSPs can respond by configuring them appropriately for their customers.

Case Study

In 2017, LinkedIn’s SSL certificate expired causing disruption to its services worldwide. The site was flagged as insecure by browsers, resulting in distrust and confusion among users. This event underscores the importance of proactive certificate management, especially certificate renewals, to maintain the secure, uninterrupted operation of services.

Liongard brings a powerful arsenal of features enabling MSPs to inventory domains, monitor upcoming domain expirations, track TLS/SSL certificate renewals, document domain DNS configuration, and vigilantly monitor DNS for undesirable or unauthorized changes. Liongard has been designed to empower MSPs to tame their domain, certificate, and DNS management.

The Liongard platform provides clear and essential metrics to keep MSPs ahead of the curve. These include:

Internet Domain Metrics:

  • Expiration Date: Stay informed about your domain’s expiration and plan renewals proactively to avoid downtime.
  • SPF Records & Existence on Domain: Maintain visibility of your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records to control who can send emails on your behalf.
  • Days Until Expiration: Pay attention to every renewal with alerts providing ample time to act.
  • DKIM Found on Domain: Know whether something on the domain might indicate DKIM setup, although it doesn’t assure correctness.
  • DMARC Exists on Domain: Keep track of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) records to enhance email security.

TLS/SSL Metrics:

  • Expiration Date & Days Until Certificate Expiration: Ensure secure communications by monitoring the validity of your SSL/TLS certificates and planning renewals accordingly.

Liongard revolutionizes how we approach managing domains, certificates, and DNS. By transforming these often-daunting tasks into manageable, proactive processes, we empower MSPs to solidify their digital infrastructure’s foundation. Armed with the proper knowledge and tools and backed by the robust capabilities of Liongard, we are poised to deliver exceptional service while ensuring our systems’ security and integrity. Now is the time to seize this opportunity and elevate our operational prowess.

Find out how Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection & Response Platform can help keep your MSP ahead of the curve. Click here for more information.

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