Ensuring IT Governance & Mitigating Risk of User Accounts with Liongard

It’s very difficult to keep up with the latest technology and to protect it against the cybersecurity threats that come with it. Managed Service Providers are perpetually tasked with the formidable job of safeguarding IT and minimizing risk for their customers. The key lies in continuously audit, detect, assess and respond with alerts adequately to changes within the IT systems. This governance over system configurations – whether things are setup in a secure fashion in the first place, and then knowing if that changes – forms the foundation of a robust cybersecurity strategy. 

Liongard plays an integral part in reshaping how MSPs navigate the ever-changing IT landscape.  Our platform isn’t just a tool. It is an enabler that provides automated, continuous documentation and change detection: a necessity, not a luxury, in the face of modern cybersecurity challenges. 

Understanding Privileged User Access: A Cornerstone of Cybersecurity 

One vital component of Liongard’s platform is the ability to inventory and alert on changes in user privileges in alignment with CIS Critical Security Control 5.4. Not only do organizations face damage from external threat actors creating and escalating illicit accounts, but they often neglect to audit for over-provisioned third-party accounts and mitigate negligence and threats from within. According to the Ponemon Institute, containment of insider threats typically takes up to 90 days, costing organizations an average of $17.19 million dollars annually. What’s more, in 2022 the Institute reported that of organizations that were breached, 70% of them were due to granting too much privileged access to third parties. The importance of accurate user access reviews and continuous monitoring for escalation of privileges can’t be overstated in reducing cybersecurity risks.  

The Liongard Advantage: Historical Context 

Where other solutions fall short, Liongard’s continuous documentation and change detection offers valuable insight over time and with context. For example, with Microsoft 365, Liongard diligently identifies all accounts, and by comparing the current and prior state of those accounts, offers context for the MSP. When a new account is added, an account is escalated to a privileged role, or when one is removed, Liongard can trigger alerts for the MSP to assess. This provides situational awareness of the shifts and changes within customer environments and significantly bolsters their security. 

Benefiting MSPs & Their Clients 

The advantages are many. For an MSP’s clients, a robust privileged identity monitoring offer can significantly reduce cyber insurance premiums and accelerate compliance auditing. For the MSP, it provides an avenue to proactively prevent potential financial losses by promptly identifying and blocking unauthorized accounts and activities.

With Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection and Response (CCDR) platform, you can: 

  • Inventory and audit privileged user accounts 
  • Proactively alert when an escalation or a new Microsoft 365 privileged user is added  
  • Audit for Microsoft 365 accounts without MFA enabled 
  • Perform a user access review with business stakeholders to ensure appropriate levels of permissions and access 

Liongard can assist MSPs in audit Microsoft 365, Microsoft Active Directory, and Azure Active Directory. 

As MSPs navigate through the treacherous terrain of digital threats, Liongard stands as your partner for efficient and successful IT governance and risk mitigation. Remain vigilant, stay secure, and propel your customers ahead with Liongard. 


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