Four Essential Types of MSP Tools

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP), having the right tools to get your job done correctly can set you up for success.

In fact, using effective MSP tools can help you get your job done much faster and with a much higher level of security. So, where should you start? The first step is recognizing that while MSP tools can be incredibly valuable, they’re not always foolproof. That’s why it’s essential to periodically assess the tools and MSP software solutions you’re using. Always be on the lookout for newer, more innovative tools to adapt in an ever-shifting marketplace and, ultimately, serve your clients better. With the right tools, managed services providers can be consistently productive and exceed expectations regarding efficiency in operations.

Here at Liongard, we can help you make every single aspect of coordinating your MSP profitable and more efficient with our exclusive automation platform and cloud-based solutions. We’ll streamline business processes, eliminate costly human errors, and give you the best tools and most effective strategies for running your MSP.

Essential Managed Service Provider Tools

When it comes to essential MSP tools, four main tool categories will provide direction when you’re managing your customers’ networks and daily operations: general, professional service automation (PSA), remote monitoring and management (RMM), and patch management automation tools.

General Tools

General tools include things like security, remote access, and backup recovery. You can use these general tools to run your MSP with peace of mind, knowing that your client’s data and critical assets are safe and protected. Be sure to learn how to leverage them for your benefit.


Security features are a critical aspect of every software deployment and the first line of defense against cyber risks like:

  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Viruses
  • Internal and external threats

For example, one popular feature is multi-factor authentication, which helps to ensure that adequate protections are in place to prevent unauthorized usage. Other features include access privilege controls, session recording, and screen capture. These session control elements help protect end-users from unauthorized activities and provide proof that tasks were completed according to the user’s requests.

Security features can also help pinpoint potential threats and emerging risks to your IT services, systems, and infrastructure. If gaps exist in your security, they create vulnerabilities that an outsider (or an insider) could exploit.

The first step to take when identifying potential threats is to perform a risk assessment. This action will also help you to:

  • Address risks proactively
  • Streamline operations
  • Save money
  • Promote better efficiency


Remote Access for End-Users

End-users need the ability to access systems and network devices remotely from anywhere and at any time. Remote access is crucial in the world’s current climate since the pandemic has created a demand for 24/7 convenience. Customers don’t just appreciate complete account access and support available 24/7; they expect it. Remote access software is just one solution that will also improve customer satisfaction if you’re having trouble in this area.

Backup Recovery

Disaster recovery and backup are also essential tools in the toolkit of a successful managed service provider. You want to protect your clients against data loss from:

  • A harmful event such as a software malfunction
  • Hackers
  • Accidental deletions
  • A power surge
  • A fire
  • Physical damage to the servers

Therefore, a backup and a recovery solution are essential so that you can properly store data to prevent expensive losses.

Here are a few backup recovery tools Liongard integrates with:

N-Able Backup
Microsoft SQL Server
StorageCraft Shadow Protect SPX
Veeam Availability Console
Veeam SPC

Here is a PSA tool Liongard integrates with:


Professional Service Automation (PSA) Tools

A professional services automation (PSA) tool can provide you with an MSP platform that allows complete transparency into your clients’ daily operations and processes. With PSA tools, you can easily manage and organize every aspect of running your MSP.

You can manage inventory, get accurate expense tracking, and arrange and prioritize customer data. PSA tools also help with supply chain management and virtually any critical operations. It automates data tracking and reporting, so you have the most important numbers right there in front of you whenever you need them. A PSA will help you get the most profit and value out of every resource available to you as an MSP for those reasons and more.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Tools

Remote access isn’t just an important function to offer your clients—it can also be a powerful tool to streamline your operations. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software tools are incredibly useful because they give you the ability to monitor users, systems, and devices all in real-time.

Remote management also allows you to use one central platform to quickly identify security threats or incidents and proactively address them as you create an effective management solution.

For example, service providers can leverage RMM tools and MSP software for a comprehensive network monitoring solution. It can help predict and recognize a threat or risk that is in the earliest stages so you can deal with it as quickly as possible. It also allows for endpoint detection and an instant notification to the most important people when risk becomes a realized threat. This fast detection allows for quick communication and reduces the amount of costly system downtime.

Here are some RMM tools Liongard integrates with:


Datto RMM
N-Able N-Central
N-Able RMM
Ninja RMM


Here are some Patch Management tools Liongard integrates with:

Ninja RMM
Datto RMM
N-Able N-Central

Patch Management and Automation Tools

Patch management automation MSP software is what you should be using to keep your devices and systems completely up-to-date instead of buggy or obsolete software. As its name implies, this tool helps managed service providers apply patches quickly and consistently across every IT service and system.

You can also use patch automation software for asset management, remote support, and protection against cyber risks. Patch automation tools can help managed service providers:

  • Smoothly apply driver updates
  • Track and monitor patches on clients’ networks
  • Implement automated processes for efficient operation

Liongard: Complete Visibility into Essential Tools for Managed Services Providers

As a managed service provider, you understand how overwhelming this suite of IT tools can be. Logging into each platform while digging around for what you need takes up valuable time in the workday and creates bottlenecks in your management processes—but not with Liongard. Liongard is the first automated platform for MSPs that offers complete visibility across the stack. Optimize onboarding procedures, enhance security throughout vast IT systems, and ensure compliance at every step with a centralized hub for all of your managed IT environments. With Liongard, integrated management becomes second nature. From customized reports to deep data analysis, Liongard makes it easy to to get ahead of the pack, scale your systems, and streamline your operations.

What Are Some Standard Features of MSP Software?

Most MSP software (cloud-based or not) has standard features that you can expect when using these valuable tools. These features can provide tremendous benefits to managed service providers if you use them correctly. Some of these common features include the following:

Help Desk

A self-service portal and help desk are great standard features of many different MSP tools and software applications. Even if multiple clients have simultaneous issues or support requests, they can quickly and easily report them and have their requests immediately assigned to an available technician. That quick help and convenience can reduce or even eliminate the need for a human help desk coordinator.

Full Automation

If you’re not already utilizing automation within your IT services and daily operations, you’re behind the rest of the pack. Using full automation with MSP software allows for:

  • Much more efficient operations
  • Advanced reporting and data analysis
  • Relationship mapping
  • Effective configuration management
  • Automated ticket requests (eliminating redundancy)


Account Management

With the right MSP software, you can have automation on every account, making it extremely easy to manage them efficiently. It can even help with database administration, allowing for simple organization and of every account and system for multiple clients on one easy platform. MSP software enables you to:

  • Track budgets, expenses, and purchases
  • et notifications about service level agreements when it’s time for contract renewal
  • Customize each account for greater convenience
  • Create a personalized experience for each of your clients


Asset Management

With the right MSP software and tools, you can have an easier time managing client assets, which can help eliminate costly errors on your end. For example, you can input client assets manually or import the critical information from other networks into your system. You can also schedule automated scans to run at periodic intervals to check for updates and any additional pertinent information.

Get Effective Results From Your MSP Tools

If you want to maximize profits and ROI from your MSP software and tools, you will need an effective management solution to get measurable results. Creating and analyzing accurate reports is the best way to do this.
The first step is to gather all the pertinent information, using your MSP software to generate data-driven results and help you gain critical business insights about your customers’ networks and operations. The data will help you better understand how your existing tools benefit and support your daily processes.
You can then use the data to recognize patterns in complex networks so you can uncover your clients’ strengths and vulnerabilities. Then, those data reports and critical insights will help you create effective solutions to enable you to:

  • Streamline operations
  • Improve profits and save money
  • Meet and exceed your client’s expectations

Another way to get the optimal results from your MSP tools is to evaluate and reevaluate them periodically so that you can be sure they’re meeting your needs. If they’re not, you can upgrade. Just having a single platform won’t work—you’ll need to update and reinvest in many different tools in order to have the most innovative basic functionalities and a user-friendly central console that will make your daily operations efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are MSP Tools?

MSP tools help managed service providers streamline their clients’ operations, identify risks, automate mundane yet necessary tasks, save costs, and implement better business practices based on data-driven results.
In addition, many organizations rely on MSPs as a way to outsource their daily operations. This method results in one flat fee every month and a user-friendly dashboard for every customer.

What does MSP stand for?

MSP stands for “managed service provider,” which is a third party that manages and runs its client’s IT department infrastructure and daily operations. The MSP runs all those daily operations using software tools (i.e., PSA software) for greater efficiency, security, and accuracy, making it easier for the clients.

What are MSP Clients?

MSP clients are the many different organizations and companies that have MSPs running their IT services and daily operations. Many organizations choose to outsource this type of work because it’s either not in their wheelhouse, they want to simplify costs, or because they need and want greater efficiency and convenience in their daily operations. MSPs generally manage IT infrastructure, including end-user systems.

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