How MSPs Can Achieve Comprehensive Cyber Resiliency

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As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must adopt a robust, multifaceted approach to cybersecurity. At Liongard, we understand the importance of integrating cyber insurance, cyber warranties, and continuous configuration and controls monitoring to build a comprehensive, three-pronged strategy to effectively protect your clients. Let’s delve into this strategy:

  1. Cyber Insurance: Risk Transfer and Mitigation Cyber insurance plays a critical role by transferring some of the financial risks associated with data breaches and cyberattacks to an insurer. Beyond acting as a financial buffer for ransomware, fines, and business interruptions, it mandates a minimum security standard for coverage eligibility. This requirement promotes a proactive stance on security, moving cyber insurance from a mere reactive tool to a preventive force. Liongard streamlines the technical validation needed for insurance coverage and claims.
  2. Proactive Protection with Cyber Warranty Cyber warranties go hand in hand with traditional cyber insurance by focusing on proactive risk management and expedited response, rather than solely covering post-breach expenses. Claims are processed rapidly, within days rather than months. A cyber warranty enhances overall cyber resilience by focusing on enabling MSPs to swiftly address incidents. Cyber warranties can also be sold by MSP and can be monetized. Making cyber security a profit center instead of just a cost of doing business.
  1. Mitigating Cyber Risk with Liongard By empowering MSPs with unrivaled insight into their clients’ IT environments, Liongard enables the detection and response to configuration changes and drift. MSPs can provide continuous security posture management to their clients, working to prevent incidents before they escalate. With cyber risks, it’s about staying ahead and fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited, ensuring your clients’ environments are secure and compliant.

These services equip MSPs to stay ahead, providing peace of mind to their clients and building a resilient, secure digital ecosystem capable of adapting to an ever-changing threat landscape. Yet, even the most comprehensive defenses are not impregnable. Whether due to an insider error or threat, misconfigurations, or external threats, a breach is a matter of when, not if. In such events, having these three elements in place—insurance, warranty, and Liongard’s continuous controls monitoring—provides your clients with a robust response capability.

The Unified Response Strategy

When cyber insurance, cyber warranties, and Liongard are utilized together, MSPs gain a multilayered, robust defense ecosystem:

  • Cyber insurance limits incident response costs, business operations loss, and offers financial recovery.
  • Cyber warranties enable MSPs with funds to react swiftly and remediate issues so clients can resume business.
  • Liongard’s detailed historical data assists in forensic analysis, provides evidence for the insurance claims process, and system configuration recovery time.

These tools enable MSPs to deliver an all-encompassing coverage plan, leveraging insurance standards to advance security initiatives that protect clients. By offering cyber warranties with providers like Cork, and continuous security posture management with Liongard, MSPs enhance their revenue and establish themselves as trusted, indispensable business partners.

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