Increase Visibility in Cisco Umbrella–and Across Your Entire Stack


By Matt Miller, Director of Product Management, Liongard


Is your MSP struggling to manage the increase in apps, remote workstations and virtual collaboration in the cloud? With more tools to monitor than ever before, it’s impossible (and quite costly) to try to do it with manpower alone.

Enter Liongard’s inspectors. Instead of your team logging in to every individual system to check on things, our inspectors do the heavy lifting, combing system data across your stack to give you the deep visibility you need, in one centralized location. And once you set Liongard’s custom Actionable Alerts to match your security and process standards, you’ll be automatically notified whenever a threat or change is detected.

Cisco Umbrella and Liongard

Recently, Cisco Umbrella’s Simon Wenet and I co-hosted a webinar, Get Your Partners Up & Running: Cisco Umbrella & Liongard, where we discussed the many benefits of pairing a powerful security tool like Cisco Umbrella with Liongard’s inspector for it.

Cisco Umbrella was built to address the major security problem of all this increased activity in the cloud. It’s a highly advanced, incredibly useful tool that can be deployed in minutes, identify and block threats in real-time and reduce malware by up to 80%. Liongard’s integration with Cisco Umbrella makes it even easier to manage, providing unified visibility that enables your team to document, audit and secure this system.

  • Document. Once deployed, our Cisco Umbrella inspector goes to work documenting and checking data in the system methodically.
  • Audit. Using the timeline of events created by the inspector, you can “rewind time” when a critical issue arises and easily pinpoint what happened, and when.
  • Secure. Liongard’s alerts allow your team to set up notifications for the events you’re most interested in tracking. Looking for unverified networks or active users without MFA? Just set your alerts and get notified via a ticket sent directly to your PSA.

While Liongard inspects, you scale at 10X

Of course, it’s not just Cisco Umbrella that Liongard inspects—we’ve replicated this capability across the stack. With 43 product system inspectors and five platform integrations—and counting!—Liongard unleashes automation to document, audit and secure your most important IT systems. The unified visibility, actionable alerts and data exporting capabilities give your team the chance to finally start working proactively for your customers and increasing your profitability.


To see how Liongard works with Cisco Umbrella and other systems to help you operate at 10X, join us for a live demo on Wednesdays at 12PM Central.


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