Liongard Foundations: An Operational Advantage for MSPs

In the Liongard Foundations Series, we take a closer look at elements that are unique to Liongard technology. It’s an opportunity to learn about the key features and attributes that sets the Liongard Deep Data Platform apart from the competition and how it helps MSPs stay ahead of the curve by lifting the complexity burden, automating the mundane and getting to answers faster.

Unlocking the intelligence hidden deep within IT systems, detecting changes to stay one step ahead and automating mundane tasks to focus on revenue generating activities – this is what gives managed service providers (MSPs) an operational advantage that delivers both higher profits and an exceptional customer experience.

Operational Advantage – power of the Deep Data Platform

By tapping into the power of deep data and eliminating everyday chaos, the Liongard Deep Data™ Platform lets MSPs access the intelligence hidden deep within IT systems by transforming messy, hard-to-reach data into a unified, actionable source of intelligence.

Because Liongard technology provides unified visibility, MSPs can run in a known state, proactively detecting changes and automating mundane tasks so they can focus instead on revenue-generating activities.

The operational advantage of next-level automation and workflows detects changes and provides recommendations to get to the root cause faster, and creates a time series record that serves as a safety net for the business and your MSP.

Liongard technology also allows MSPs to automatically inspect any customer environment from cloud to endpoint with over 70 integrations, transforming configuration state data buried deep in IT systems into a unified data set that’s structured, query-able and actionable.

The Deep Data Platform transforms access into portals and command lines. This makes them visible and gives MSPs the ability to audit those configurations on a regular basis, rendering processes more accessible, efficient and secure.

Operational Advantage – no more forced choice

The operational advantage that Liongard brings to the table translates to bottom line results for MSPs who are typically dealing with a large volume of IT technologies that they manage on behalf of their customers.

Not only is the work extremely labor intensive, it also demands a high level of expertise. Talent is hard to find and as systems become increasingly sophisticated and complicated, so do the demands placed on MSP employees.

As MSPs grow and take on more business, they shouldn’t have to choose between maintaining standards and ensuring their customers are satisfied. Liongard makes the forced choice of growing the business at the expense of revenue growth a thing of the past.

With the Liongard Deep Data Platform, MSPs can manage five or ten new customers with the same team without having to hire a new technical resource. Our technology lets MSPs break free from forced choice and the see-saw effect of having to choose between delighting customers on the one hand or increasing overheads on the other.

Operational Advantage – save time and complete more work

For MSPs, generating the documentation for new customer accounts is a significant peak effort process that ends up being a time consuming and expensive part of onboarding new clients. The Liongard Deep Data Platform gives MSPs an operational advantage by automating the documentation process and making it visible in one cohesive place.

Liongard also helps update documentation as the project progresses, offering significant insights and visibility to changes in client IT systems and processes. Our technology not only automates that workflow, but it also helps speed up the process, delivering a competitive edge to MSPs and helping grow their business.

As more companies move away from a reliance on internal IT teams, MSPs are not only troubleshooting, upgrading systems and improving business processes for their clients, they are also in the business of educating them about new technologies and possibilities.

The competitive advantage of the Liongard Deep Data Platform doesn’t just help MSPs increase customer satisfaction by improving and securing customer IT systems, it also delivers the valuable insights that improve profitability and help MSPs cultivate exceptional customer relationships.

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