Liongard Revolutionizes IT Service Providers Approach to IT Governance and Risk Mitigation with Configuration Change Detection and Response (CCDR)

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Earlier this week, we unveiled our latest Configuration Change Detection and Response (CCDR) platform. This innovative solution aims to transform the way IT service providers deliver IT governance while effectively mitigating risks. With the constant threat of cyberattacks and the significant impact of human error, Liongard’s CCDR platform equips MSPs to better manage, monitor, and protect their customers’ environments, ensuring improved profitability, cybersecurity, and compliance.

Simplifying IT Management for Enhanced Security

In today’s digital landscape, where over 2,000 cyberattacks occur daily, businesses face the challenge of safeguarding their operations efficiently. Unfortunately, 95% of cybersecurity issues can be attributed to human error, making protection even more challenging. These issues can lead to substantial financial losses, with the average data breach cost projected to reach $5 million per incident in 2023. Understanding this urgent need, Liongard’s CCDR platform streamlines IT management processes, empowering teams to work smarter and ensure operational stability.

The Importance of Configuration Change Detection and Response

Configuration change detection and response serve as the foundation for effective IT security and operational stability. This process acts as an early warning system, alerting organizations to potential misconfigurations, unauthorized changes, and impending risks. Liongard’s robust platform provides businesses with the tools necessary to proactively monitor, track, and promptly respond to configuration changes. By prioritizing this crucial aspect, organizations can safeguard their IT environments, minimize downtime, and establish a resilient infrastructure that fuels their growth and success.

Automating Configuration Data Capture for Continuous Monitoring

Liongard’s CCDR platform automates the capture of configuration data across cloud, network, and on-premise systems. This automation enables continuous monitoring and reporting of IT assets, eliminating the need for manual audits and preventing unforeseen events. The platform’s actionable alerts and insights equip organizations to make informed decisions, ensuring enhanced security and profitability.

Meeting Compliance Requirements and Demonstrating Defensibility

As security and compliance become increasingly intertwined, MSPs must effectively manage and stay on top of change to maintain insurability. Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection and Response platform allows MSPs to document the evidence required for compliance, ensuring defensibility during incidents and audits. This comprehensive solution empowers MSPs to protect their clients’ data, meet industry regulations, and maintain long-term trust.

Liongard’s new Configuration Change Detection and Response platform marks a significant advancement in the way IT service providers deliver IT governance and mitigate risk. By streamlining IT management processes and prioritizing configuration change detection, Liongard empowers MSPs to proactively safeguard customer environments, minimize downtime, and drive growth. With the increasing frequency of cyber threats and the rising costs of data breaches, Liongard’s solution equips MSPs with the necessary tools to protect their clients’ assets, ensure compliance, and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

MSPs and MSSPs interested in learning more about Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection and Response , refer to the press release, review our CCDR Use Cases, watch our Liongard YouTube channel,  or see it live by requesting a demo.

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