Liongard Tech: Liongard’s Deep Data and System Inspectors

Liongard Tech is a series of blogs where we take a detailed technical look at how the Liongard Deep Data™ Platform gives MSPs an Operational Advantage. By offering valuable insights into client systems and unified visibility, the Liongard platform lets MSPs always run in a known state, proactively detect changes to stay one step ahead and automate mundane tasks so they can focus on revenue-generating activities.

The complexity of today’s IT systems means that MSP technicians are looking for tools that can help them do their jobs better. They need easy access to hard-to-reach data across the IT stack and the ability to monitor system changes for multiple clients.

Liongard’s technology provides unparalleled accessibility and monitoring capabilities, so that MSP professionals can effectively track changes continuously and document client systems easily and securely.

Deep Data facilitates access into IT systems, allowing for large-scale data collection that is relevant, actionable and high quality without having to hire new technical resources. This makes best use of an MSP’s existing technical expertise, and gives them the ability to manage new customers with the same team.

Liongard Inspector Categories

Liongard’s Deep Data technology instrumentalizes an MSP’s IT infrastructure with more than 70 Liongard Inspectors that automatically capture configuration and event data across a customer’s IT stack.

They work for most of your systems. For example, our Microsoft 365 Inspector can pull data across all of an MSPs clients’ Microsoft 365 instances, giving them the ability to access all of that data in one, unified place and over time, and without needing to log into each individual Microsoft 365 instance to see that data.

The I­­­nspectors are individual micro-apps that are organized into Cloud, Network, Applications & Services, and Endpoint categories and gather critical information from managed IT systems across the stack.

  • Cloud inspectors provide data insights from a variety of different cloud providers, allowing MSPs to monitor changes in a client’s cloud-based IT infrastructure.
  • Network inspectors give MSPs an overview of and gather documentation from client network and security systems. Liongard network inspectors are designed to operate seamlessly with proprietary technology providers including Cisco, HP and Ubiquiti.
  • Application and Services Inspectors return a wide variety of data from the Microsfot Active Directory and apps, including actionable summary information such as privileged users and security policies.
  • Endpoint inspectors provide deep visibility into Linux Server, Windows Server and Windows Workstations endpoints. As an entry and exit point to access high-value assets and information on an organization’s network, Liongard’s Endpoint Inspectors help monitor and secure possible vulnerabilities from malicious actors and limit the risk of botnet or DoS attacks.

Our inspectors also take care of the tedious and time-consuming task of documenting systems, from cloud to endpoint, transforming and centralizing the often messy and hard-to-reach config data into an accessible asset that you can trust.

The ability to continually gather information from the systems that an MSP may be managing means that the Liongard Deep Data Platform can create a ‘Living System of Record’ for each of the MSP’s clients. This makes it easier for MSPs to track any malicious or unwarranted changes to client IT infrastructure over time.

Liongard Inspector Types

With a focus on continuous development, Liongard technology runs three types of system level inspectors – Production, Preview and Labs. We give MSPs the opportunity to choose to use inspectors that are in development by our teams, providing new, powerful insights that are safe to deploy on clients’ systems.

  • Production-level inspectors are our core technology. At the production level, inspector queries are running, and the data collected is is sent to Liongard’s various integrations with documentation and PSA tools.
  • Preview-level inspectors are new inspectors that are in development but accessible through the Liongard platform. Users must opt-in to see Preview-level System Inspectors on their Liongard Dashboard.
  • Labs inspectors are very early-stage Inspectors that Liongard makes available for early testing by our partners. They are safe to deploy, but require feedback from our users in order to develop further.

We want our MSP partners to be heroes to their customers. By providing them with the information they need, we help them detect workflow changes, provide recommendations to get to the root cause of any problem faster and create a time series record that serves as a safety net for their business.

Unlocking IT Intelligence

Liongard inspectors are integral to the Liongard Deep Data Platform and unlock the intelligence hidden deep within IT systems. They help transform messy, hard-to-reach data into a unified, actionable source of intelligence. With the unified visibility, operational insights and access to deep data that Liongard technology makes accessible, MSPs gain an Operational Advantage that delivers both higher profits and an exceptional customer experience.

Learn more in Liongard Academy with our “What is Liongard?: An Introduction” course.


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