Product Release: Proactive Security with SSO, Windows and SonicWall Updates

March release

With visibility into Windows file servers, ATP data in SonicWall, 3 new Inspectors & more, Liongard helps you secure your customers.

There is so much to celebrate in March! We’re launching three new Inspectors to Production, introducing Single Sign-On functionality, Kaseya BMS Integration and more!

See details on the full release here.


Feature Update

Single Sign-On (SSO)

We’re releasing Single Sign-On Integration via SAML 2.0! SSO will be released in phases over the next month or so. Once you gain access, go ahead and set up SSO for Liongard through your preferred app, making the login process seamless and increasing security along the way.

Screenshot of Single Sign On Login for Liongard

Learn how to set it up here.


Inspector Updates

Windows Inspector

260+ of our Partners asked for Windows File Server data and we’re happy to share it’s live in your Liongard instance! Our Windows Inspector now surfaces additional file share information and file share permission data to give you more insights into user activity and proactively secure your customer’s data.

 We’ve included a pre-built Actionable Alert: “File Share Added/Deleted/Modified” plus some pre-built Metrics including “Windows Server: File Share Count” and “Windows: File Share List & Paths.” This is the first step in addressing file share data requests, so we’re excited to go on this journey with our Partners! 

Learn more here.


SonicWall Inspector 

As one of our top 5 Inspectors with 20+ Ideas in our Ideas Portal on ways to improve, we’re excited to share a big update! Our SonicWall Inspector now surfaces Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) data to keep security top of mind.  

With ATP, you can monitor and secure internet and email endpoints from threats by discovering and stopping malware before it’s too lateUsing Liongard, you can alert on ATP data, protecting your customers’ business-critical systems and keeping their operations running smoothly.  

Learn more here.

Microsoft SharePoint Inspector 

Our Microsoft SharePoint Inspector is now in Production. We currently surface data on SharePoint Sites, lists, drives and more. With more businesses moving to the cloud, customers are relying on tools like Microsoft SharePoint to keep their business running in this remote-first world.  

With the Microsoft SharePoint Inspector, you can ensure the right people maintain access and drives are online ready to go, keeping your users uninterrupted. 

Learn more here.

Cisco Small Business (SBS) Switch 

Our Cisco Small Business (SBS) Switch Inspector is now in Production. Our SBS Switch Inspector joins our Cisco iOS, ASA, Meraki and Umbrella Inspectors, bringing you closer to complete visibility into your Cisco suite. 

The SBS Inspector surfaces data on users, configurations, VLAN and more allowing you to ensure your smaller customers’ networks are up and running.  

Learn more here.

SolarWinds Backup Inspector 

Our SolarWinds Backup Inspector is now in Production. Backups for both your virtual and physical servers are crucial for data protection.  

Through our SolarWinds Backup Inspector, you can start reviewing data on backup health, information about each device, backup states and more. With 9 pre-built alerts including “Device Backup has not been completed in the last 24 hours,” you won’t miss a beat on data backup 

Learn more here.


Integration Update 

Kaseya BMS Integration 

Kaseya Business Management Solution (BMS) is a Professional Service Automation (PSA) software to run your business more efficiently at a fraction of the current cost. 

We’ve received a lot of requests to integrate with Kaseya BMS, which is why we’re excited to begin rolling out this Integration in March. 

This integration will release in two phases, starting with importing and mapping functionality. This allows you to easily connect customer information in your PSA to your Liongard instance, eliminating duplicate work for your team. Stay tuned for the second phase, ticketing!

Are you a Kaseya BMS User? Learn how to set it up here.

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