Product Release: Rest Easy This Summer with Liongard

July Release Blog

Streamline your alerts, access 3 NEW Inspectors and enjoy Dark Mode

Keep cool this summer with Dark Mode, updates to our Email and Syncro Integrations and 3 NEW Inspectors!

See details on the full release here.

Integration Updates

Syncro PSA Integration

Syncro PSA makes you feel like you have eight arms, with its hyper flexible, full-featured PSA software. It gives you the flexibility you need to gain ultimate control of your business.

In April, we launched the first phase of this Integration- import and mapping functionality. Now, we are excited to roll out ticketing! As issues are discovered by Liongard’s custom Actionable Alerts, a ticket will be automatically opened in your PSA. When those issues are resolved, the ticket will automatically close.

Manage all your alerts in one place and streamline how your techs get notified of changes and potential risks.

Are you an Syncro user? Learn how to set it up here.

Email Integration

With a growing list of Integrations to different PSAs and documentation sites, it’s easy to overlook our most flexible Integration, Email. In addition to your other Integrations, Liongard gives you the ability to send Actionable Alerts via email.

With over 161 combined votes in our Ideas Portal, we are excited to add more customization and control over our Email Integration! You can now map each Alert Template to different emails and add multiple emails to on your Email Integration set up page. Using multiple emails helps control and streamline where your Actionable Alerts land outside of Liongard, helping you steer clear of chaos.

Email Integration Example

Learn how to set it up here.

Platform Updates

Dark Mode

In an effort to increase accessibility and make Liongard easier on your eyes, we are happy to introduce Dark Mode! You can now select Dark Mode as a color theme for your instance and easily flip back and forth between color themes with a quick click.

Dark Mode Visualization

To switch to Dark Mode, login, click on your name in the top right corner > Account Settings.

Inspector Updates

N-able RMM Inspector

With over 40 votes in our Ideas Portal, we are excited to add N-able RMM to our growing list of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Inspectors! N-able RMM is joining our N-able N-central and N-able Backup Inspectors to bring you closer to unified visibility with your N-able stack.

This Inspector brings back rich data on “Servers,” “Workstations,” “Sites” and more. Create a custom Actionable Alert to keep track of changes to “Installed Patches” or monitor your Sites’ “Connection” overtime using our Timeline feature. Quickly pull a report to audit Servers’ “Model” and “OS” to maintain your organization’s best practices.

Learn more here.

Salesforce Inspector

Our Salesforce Inspector is the first of its kind, bring back robust data on “Licensing,” “User Roles,” “Opportunities” and more.

Use one of our out-of-the-box Actionable Alerts such as “Change to Active Users” or “Change to Privileged Profiles” to maintain security best practices. Build a report on “Percentage of Data Storage Limit Remaining,” “Percentage of File Storage Limit Remaining” and “Usage-Based Entitlements Summary,” comparing dates in time to recommend any storage or usage changes for your customers.

Learn more here.

Syncro Inspector

Our Syncro Inspector is meant to complement our Syncro Integration by pulling in both PSA and RMM data. It helps you access pertinent data relating to your customers’ “Contacts,” “Portal Users,” “Assets,” and more.

Easily review “Company Count” overtime to monitor changes to your customer base or create an alert for “Disabled Portal Users” to stay ahead of any security concerns.

Learn more here.

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