Liongard MSP Insights – The Hybrid Cloud Future and SMBs

“The Liongard MSP Insights Series is where we offer our perspective on the changing landscape in the IT services community, focusing on new trends and developments in the business environment. Our MSP Insights help MSPs maximize the power of the Liongard Deep Data Platform™. Liongard technology delivers MSPs an Operational Advantage and transforms IT systems’ data from a messy, hard-to-reach asset into a unified, actionable source of intelligence.”

We know that the benefits of cloud computing are increasingly moving IT managers towards provisioning part of their stack to cloud-based systems. Most of us have already heard of the benefits – on-demand availability, formidable computing power, potentially infinite amounts of data storage and easy scalability. But all these benefits can come at a steep price that can get very expensive, very quickly.

Most small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are unlikely to undertake a full-fledged move to an Infrastructure as a Service model (IASS). The IASS model upends all systems from the computer/LAN room to a server farm hundreds of miles away. All that’s left in the office is a wireless router and laptops functioning as hollowed-out computer terminals.

The reliance on an internet connection and the small but potential risk of security breaches, technical glitches or simple incompetence can make putting all your eggs in the third-party basket of a cloud service provider a hard sell. A perceived lack of security and meeting compliance requirements are ongoing concerns for SMB owners. In a recent survey, 64% of businesses indicated data loss as their biggest cloud security worry. Other serious concerns included data privacy and compliance issues, followed by the possibility of accidental exposure of credentials.

Given the potential security risks and the high financial costs, most SMBs will be looking to strike a balance somewhere in the middle. To do so, they’re looking to set up part of their systems on the cloud while retaining high levels of operational functionality using on-site technology.

Benefits of a Hybrid Approach

MSPs must remember that most IT managers and CIOs take a hybrid approach to their tech stack. With the MSP space forecasted to see ongoing growth in 2023 (even in this volatile economic climate!) and in the years that follow, the drive to a cloud-first strategy will become increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes.

Nevertheless, companies will still be relying on the know-how that only MSP’s can provide – managing the hardware, routers, switches, and networking software that run private internal networks and keep businesses running smoothly.

That knowledge, as well as the expertise to manage a cloud migration and ensure ongoing critical security features, will see the MSP toolset grow and become more complex. MSPs will be under more pressure to manage time and expertise while providing businesses with the skills they need to migrate, configure and optimize systems and ensure the best possible levels of cybersecurity.

Liongard Deep Data Technology- the Operational Advantage As hybrid cloud computing systems become increasingly popular and complex, Liongard’s Deep Data Platform is there to help MSPs manage critical resources effectively and satisfy customers.

With a constantly updated set of cloud, network, endpoint, app and service inspectors, the Liongard platform ensures that client IT systems run smoothly and safely while unlocking intelligence hidden deep within IT systems.

When problems do occur, Liongard’s 24/7 monitoring and timeline builds a living system of record that extends back over 18 months. The platform generates a detailed snapshot of a client’s IT stack for any given moment, allowing MSPs to see what happened, where and when.

The platform generates instant alerts, so MSPs can quickly identify issues and detect system changes initiated by any user or device. Automated PSA tickets make it easy for technicians to address problems as soon as they occur – limiting the risk of severe escalation, or worse, downtime, to critical client business and information systems.

Liongard’s platform also translates different client configurations into a common actionable language that is accessible and stored in one place. And by providing a single point of access to multiple client IT systems, MSPs save time and resources. The Liongard Deep Data Platform focuses critical technical expertise where it is needed, providing the operational advantage that frees up MSPs to delight customers and grow their business.

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