What the Cisco Meraki Inspector Captures

  • Asset Inventory of all network devices
  • License status
  • Networks
  • Firewall rules, SSIDs and NAT policies
  • Admin users
  • SNMP settings
  • VPN peer count change

Cisco Meraki Inspector Benefits

VPN Audits

From data to insights, faster. Continuous monitoring across all customer devices empowers your entire team with insights that help standardize service and proactively plan for upgrades and new projects.

Export and Share

Customer reporting made easy. Metrics—like a detailed list of your customers' remote workers and their public IP addresses—can be extracted and shared with your customers.

PSA Ticketing

We’ve got your back with automated alerts. We'll send alerts to your PSA or email for license renewals, unprotected networks, lack of proper network segmentation, and device additions and removals.

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