IT Glue Integration Features

System Inspectors

Choose which MSP systems Liongard creates Flexible Assets for in IT Glue.

Automated Documentation

Critical system data syncs directly into IT Glue for documentation you can trust.

Custom Data Configuration

Control what data you push into Flexible Assets for access to relevant information.

Centralized Location

Up-to-date system information gets mapped to the correct organization.

Related Assets

Quickly associate Flexible Assets Liongard creates with related items in each environment.

Reduced Ticket Resolution Time

By automating your data and choosing what appears in Flexible Assets, you won’t have to sift through data or wonder if it’s accurate. Giving your team what they need, when they need it, means tickets get resolved much faster.

Rich Data Presented Intuitively

Our rich Flexible Assets present up-to-date IT Glue system data in clean, organized grids that are simple enough for everyone on your team to understand.

Seamless Integration With Connectwise

If your team uses ConnectWise Manage, you can sync Liongard data here from IT Glue. Together, the integrations between IT Glue, ConnectWise, and Liongard make mature data practices even more attainable for your team.

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