Benefits of Standardized Technical Documentation

With an automated documentation solution, an IT technical team has easy access to the relevant data they need. Thanks to Liongard's documentation tools, you can have all the knowledge you need on one platform and don't have to waste your time logging into dozens of different portals to track important information.



Coverage and context across a large percentage and ever-growing set of inter-related technology systems.



Information from those systems that represent the key configuration states that subject matter experts seek.



This information is stored in an irrefutable timeline that represents a system of record for IT.

More effective technical documentation equals higher productivity and better customer service

Every task runs more smoothly, and you can invest more time and resources in growing your business.

IT documentation needs to be clear and comprehensive to offer value for your organization. Neglecting to include any crucial information could lead to significant problems later on. Generally, technical information should consist of two broad categories:

  • Customer information, which includes your clients' IT environments and past IT issues
  • Internal data, which includes business operation processes and more

Benefits to Technical Support

When you create effective IT documentation management processes, technical issues become a lot easier to identify and troubleshoot. 

Let’s say a customer requests technical support by emailing or submitting a help ticket. Your technicians’ speed and efficiency in resolving the issue will tremendously affect your reputation as a reliable MSP.

However, suppose your employees need to tackle the requests by accessing several systems individually. In that case, they’ll have to access several passwords and knowledge bases before starting the technical part of the project. This can slow them down and your customers may become frustrated. In the worst case, they may move on to a different MSP that provides a more efficient response time.

Working with Liongard will make it easier for your team to review pertinent information for all relevant users and to establish continuity. For example, if a technician who usually handles projects for a specific client is unavailable, another team member can step into the project and prevent any lapses in customer service.



Increased Consistency of Service

With centralized technical documentation software, it becomes easier to create standardized practices for all members of the technical team. With outlined standard procedures, projects will flow more smoothly, with fewer errors and higher efficiency.

A go-to documentation system also helps create a more effective onboarding process for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their customers. Liongard perfects onboarding, providing a positive influence in your long-term relationship with clients.

Key onboarding highlights include:

  • Business Information
  • Policies and Processes
  • Forms and Standards
  • Reports
  • Vendor Information
  • Technical Information

Consistency of service throughout onboarding streamlines workflows while creating a positive experience for everyone involved.


Cybersecurity Benefits

Protecting one's organization and customers from the risk of security breaches is something every successful MSP takes seriously. A comprehensive IT documentation software system can help a company identify attempted outside access to systems and enable easy password management on every project.

When your customers trust you with handling essential and potentially sensitive information, you need an efficient, easily controllable setup for user permissions. With Liongard, it is easy to establish the proper level of permission so that every team member has necessary access without compromising cybersecurity or your business's reputation.

A unified documentation program offers improved organizational awareness and accountability, keeping information secure, yet accessible every step of the way.

IT Documentation Software: People Also Ask

There are many documentation systems on the market, such as Liongard, Ninja RMM, IT Glue, and ClickHelp, each tool with its unique features. We recommend outlining what you expect from an IT documentation management system to help you choose the ones that best suits your business.

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