Do you trust your documentation?

Ditch error-prone, manual, and incomplete documentation. 

Automate MSP Documentation

Don't let errors infiltrate your workflow

As a trusted IT Managed Service Provider, if documentation is incorrect or outdated, it shows a lack of visibility into customers' systems. Not knowing the current configuration state for devices can cost teams hours in time and leave customers unprotected from security threats. Roar automates the documentation process, creating unified visibility for all of an MSPs' customers.

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Documentation is at the heart of what matters most

Public Internet

Roar documents the details beyond just domain expirations. It captures deep domain, DNS, A, C, MX records, subdomains, and SSL – enabling MSPs to have a comprehensive picture of customer public facing properties.


IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS - the cloud is a shared responsibility - proper documentation of how customers' services are configured means knowing for certain that databases, file shares and AWS S3 buckets are secured properly.


The IT network under management is the central nervous system of the MSP customer's business. Roar inspects firewalls and network devices for proper configuration, documenting state and tracking changes to these critical assets.


Audit on-premise users, their account health, groups, forests, devices on Active Directory. Ensure Microsoft SQL Server is continuously monitored and backed up.

Manual is so yesterday

Automating the Configuration Management Database

MSPs can't afford to operate in the dark with a shallow and inaccurate CMDB. Manually filling in blank templates is a start, but you can do better with automation that continuously updates your team with detailed and accurate inventory and user lists. Automation makes manual documentation a thing of the past. Roar is the customer documentation software platform that MSPs can rely on for all the systems they manage.

Manual documentation of customer systems is inaccurate, time intensive, and often out of date. Automation means being able to rely on and access meaningful data with a few clicks.

Know before you ask

Knowledge at your fingertips

By automating documentation, MSPs can trust the information they rely on to manage and troubleshoot issues for customer systems is up-to-date. MSP staff has one place where they can quickly access the information they need. Roar eliminates the need to remote into sensitive system, and accelerates efficient and effective response time. Roar reduces escalation support between staff members, and prevents privileged credential sprawl.

Answer the questions that matter to your customer. Automated documentation means having answers when you need them rather than waiting for an engineer to respond.

Democratize knowledge

Bad documentation, or lack thereof, leads to frequent escalations and multiple instances of the truth

When relying only on the best and brightest (and most costly) staff to log into systems to answer simple questions –  this is extremely inefficient, and directly affects an MSPs profitibility. Roar also enables non-technical account and operations staff with the details needed to perform audits and reviews to drive customer relationships forward.

For an MSP to operate profitably, means having up-to-date and accurate data for all members of your staff to quickly and easily access. Save time and money with data at your fingertips.
Automated Documentation and Beyond