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Best practices toward achieving desired state configuration.

Automate Assessments with Roar

Manual is no longer enough

Good MSPs will perform periodic assessments, vulnerability scans and go beyond just foundational security. Great MSPs automate the assessment process, allowing them to scale beyond manual checks performed by senior staff with limited time. With Roar, MSPs can deliver relentless attention to the details that drive best practices and continuous security for their customers. Roar takes the MSP ahead of the breach, beyond logs, and one-time scans – that create more noise than valuable and actionable insights.

Pre-incident Unified IT Management

Assess what matters most

Public Internet

Roar assesses the security posture of websites, domains and strength of SSL ciphers to ensure that visitors to customer sites and portals are safe.


Businesses are rapidly evolving and rely more on the cloud for productivity. Roar enables MSPs to assess vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on Office 365, Azure, AWS and other cloud services.


Comprehensive assessments of a customer's network infrastructure, services, and applications that support the business for security misconfiguration is critical to the health of the business and success of the MSP.


Effortlessly audit on-premise systems continuously for user accounts and access rights - ensuring customers' Active Directory and Microsoft SQL remain secure.


MSPs manage businesses large and small. With Roar's Actionable Alerts, you can automate assessments based upon which systems you support. This gives you granular control on the tickets that Roar creates in your PSA, and enables your team to seamlessly protect your customers.

Hackers take advantage of known exposures. MSP need to know when exposures happen to prevent breaches.

Subject matter expertise is critical

When it comes to proper assessments, deep subject matter expertise makes the biggest difference.

Not all MSPs can afford to have subject matter expertise on all the systems their customers depend on. To properly assess business risk, and to determine whether customers are exposed, Roar utilizes industry proven best-practices to provide actionable prescriptive remedies to mitigate threats. Since Roar does all the heavy-lifting to bring back the data that matters, MSPs can better manage, scale, and ensure their customer systems remain protected.

Assessment rules are built to give your MSP the deep expertise you need.


Service providers should adopt automated assessments in order to identify the difference between desired and actual state.

Automate customer environment assessments with inspections that encompass cloud services, network, and on-premise devices. Roar enables MSPs to drive toward security and best practices across the entire perimeter. Roar develops operational efficiency by creating the unified management and automation that eases access to critical customer data for MSP staff.

Automated assessments enable MSPs with deeps insights into all of the systems they manage.
Automated Documentation and Beyond