Do you know when critical changes happen?

Gain instant visibility to changes that cause chaos.


Change shouldn't happen without your knowledge

MSPs lack visibility on changes made by team members, the customer, or an intruder. Enterprises with large budgets have this edge. Roar brings MSPs the ability to detect any configuration change on the devices and in systems managed across the cloud, network, and on-premise.

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Roar enables change detection on the systems that matter most to an MSP

Public Internet

An MSP needs to stay on top of any changes that can have adverse effects to visitors on customer sites. Roar tracks detailed domain DNS, A, C, and MX records looking for changes that may indicate a compromise or potential lack of availability.

Privileged Users

MSPs should know whenever Administrators are added or removed to any system. Roar also detects when users' rights are escalated, when admin accounts are used, and when stale or dormant accounts suddenly become active.

Device Inventory

Detailing and documenting the ebb and flow of devices in customer environments are at the heart of an MSPs duties. When any devices are joined or removed from AD, AWS, or Azure, an MSP using Roar will know when it all happened. Automating this process is a must.

System Security

Easily maintain documentation of changes to User access and rights across all the systems an MSP manages in Roar. Audit lists are updated automatically, along with a history of every change. And more…

The answer to "What changed?"

Rapid troubleshooting means saving precious time and resources.

By automating MSP documentation, changes are recorded across the customer systems managed in a single pane of glass. Roar identifies critical changes, so what occurred is known, with context, eliminated time wasted remoting into various systems and digging through logs for root cause analysis. Like a DVR, rewind in time to review customer configuration data. Know what changed, what the prior values were, and determine whether it was intended, accidental, or from a malicious intruder.

Roar documents system configuration state and tracks critical changes and drift in an easy to use timeline.

Changes lead to security exposures

Most breaches can be traced back to simple misconfigurations

Users with weak passwords, a lack of multi-factor authentication, default passwords, and unchecked policies and rules leave customer inadvertantly exposed. These are just a few of the critical controls Roar tracks. If a change happens that creates an exposure, Roar will notify MSP team members with tasks to correct the issues before they lead to tomorrow's headlines.

Critical configuration changes are at the heart of an MSPs responsibilities and deepest concerns. Having fully documented historical snapshots provides invaluable insights to the activities occurring in customer environments.

Change Management Transparency

Audit planned changes and identify renegade changes

Regular account reviews help MSPs grow and cultivate business relationships. But gathering the data for the review or audit can be time intensive and require deep subject matter expertise – and a bit awkward if the MSP is caught unaware. Uncovering change can often contentious and risk damaging to relationships when they trigger problems. With Roar's comprehensive change detection capability, MSPs now have documented and up-to-date intelligence of when customers or MSP staff make modifications. 

Roar has comprehensive change detection rules across all our Inspectors, empowering your MSP with a library of subject matter expertise.


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