Roar Report Webinar February 14

on Feb 19, 2019 in Insights

Learn about Roar's latest Updates

Following every release of Roar, join Michelle & Matt from our Product Team on a tour of the latest features and enhancements. We're constantly working to improve the platform, adding in user feedback, and ensuring that we continue to drive visibility with new and updated inspectors for your MSP.

If you can join us live, be on the lookout for an invite in your inbox, and join in the discussion.

Check out the inaugural on-demand webinar here.

Some of our most recent updates to Roar for February 2019 include:

Platform Improvements & Updates

  • Significant backend infrastructure change allows us to scale more reliably and process much higher volumes of data
    • Inspections land faster with less load on the Roar application itself
  • API can now conditionally sync with platform integrations and we can "relink" integration asset fields
    • Allows for limited support for multiple Roar instances interacting with a single ConnectWise Configurations database
  • Squashed various minor UI bugs with things like table exporting, view rendering, etc.

UI Enhancements

  • Bulk run of inspector launch points rather than clicking "play" for each one
  • Inspector timeline now shows the date and time of the next scheduled run
  • Addition of the number of configured launch points per environment on the home screen
  • Downloadable CSV import templates for each inspector with example input rows
  • Improved document titles and routes to more easily navigate the app and multiple browser tabs
  • The relevant data print is now linked directly from all Actionable Alerts

Agent Updates

  • Full release of our MSI Agent Installer

Inspector Updates

  • Webroot Inspector: Significant stability changes and dramatically shortened runtimes
  • Office 365: Fixed issue with Actionable Alert false positives around MFA for admin users
  • Datto: Added Actionable Alerts for failed backups and if no backups occurred
  • Active Directory: Can now auto-discover Windows inspector launch points for all servers on the AD network, even if the Roar Agent is not installed on a domain controller
    • Previously, discovery required the Agent to be installed on the domain controller
  • Sonicwall:
    • Added full "show tech-support-report" in the data print under the "Raw" field
    • Added Change Detections on Zones

If you haven't already, join us on the journey to improving efficiency and profitability through automated documentation. With unparalleled insight across cloud services, network, and on-prem systems, Roar brings MSPs the automation they need to grow. #MakeITRoar

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