Roar automates the management & protection of modern IT environments

Unified IT Management & Automation for the MSP to secure their customers

Unify IT Management

Purpose-Built for Managed Service Providers

Roar enables MSPs with the capabilities to manage the Modern IT stack. Whether it's a system in the cloud, edge, or on-premise, Roar automates the discovery, documentation, change detection, and assessment of best practice configuration. Automation offers MSPs insight and operational efficiencies at scale, across all customers, continuously. It's time to ditch doing things manually.

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Roar Features and Benefits

Pay-as-you-grow pricing

MSPs can't afford to pay for more than they need. We'll be there to support you when your customers need you most.

Unlimited User Licenses

Roar helps MSPs grow by increasing efficiencies. Add user accounts for staff members when you need them at no extra cost.

Unlimited Client Access

We understand co-managed environments, and giving visibility to your customers means working from the same playbook.

Multi-tenant dashboard

Roar is a MSPs' client documentation all in one place, automated, up-to-date, and trusted. Simply amazing.


Multi-factor authentication is built-in to ensure only the users you trust have access to your customer data.

Dedicated Hosting

We take security seriously. Roar is deployed as a dedicated and private-SaaS solution. Your data is isolated, encrypted and secured.

PSA Integration

Roar integrates with your PSA workflow by syncing customers, tasks, and their statuses. Check out our ConnectWise Integration.

Export to Excel

Roar enables MSPs with unprecedented capabilities to share and analyze data with simple to export Excel reports.

 Discover. Document. Detect. Assess.

Roar is the ultimate IT Automation platform for Managed Service Providers

Accurate and Deep Discovery

Beat the competition with asset discovery that yields invaluable insights.

Roar unifies the data that matters most to MSPs to find the diamonds that showcase your expertise. We take care of the data, so MSPs can focus on building client relationships. Start inspecting these systems and more:

Roar inspects the products MSPs support from Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS - Amazon Web Services, Cisco Meraki, SonicWall, Internet Domain and DNS, and more

Documentation saves the day

Up-to-date configuration data can help optimize MSP processes and keep customers raving.

Thanks to Roar’s ability to capture snapshots of client environments, MSP engineers can rewind to see exactly what changes were made and when. Think of Roar like a DVR for an MSP. Everyone makes mistakes, even your gurus. Roar is the safety net that helps your team catch and resolve issues before they turn into full-blown catastrophes. And since Roar is multi-tenant at the core, you can rely on it for all clients.

Roar creates a timeline of configuration data snapshots that allows your team to review history and detect changes.

Change Detection is Your Ally

Roar retrieves and tracks configuration data for MSPs and brings critical changes to your attention.

Leverage this information to keep your clients secure and in the loop by showcasing your active response. Use Roar's data to create positive and proactive touchpoints with your customers – before they ever have to pick up the phone.

Critical configuration changes are at the heart of an MSPs responsibilities and deepest concerns. Having fully documented historical snapshots provides invaluable insights to the activities occurring in customer environments.

Automate Assessments

Beat the competition with rapid assessments that yield invaluable insights.

Assessments of system configuration state often require MSPs to have deep subject matter expertise that's not always accessible. Roar automates the process by checking against vendor best practices for a wide list of systems, driving valuable work for MSPs – leading toward building safer and more secure customer environments.

Roar performs deep inspections and assesses your current configuration state to detect upcoming expirations for domains, ssl, licenses, excessive permissions, user rights, and more.

Works with MSP tools

Integration with industry leading PSA platforms means immediate value for MSPs and end customers.

Roar's automated documentation, which drives unified visibility, enables continuous security assessments resulting in prescriptive and actionable tasks – pushed directly to email or PSA tickets. An MSP can immediately begin to develop project roadmaps or correct immediate exposures that help to improve customer security posture.

Roar integrates with email and leading PSA ConnectWise with full loop ticket integration, agreement additions, and customer mapping.

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