Smarter MSP: You write it and no one reads it: Why are MSPs still manually documenting systems?

on Feb 25, 2019 in Insights

MSPs have had a long track record of successfully leveraging automation tools to keep hundreds and thousands of endpoint devices humming along.

Whenever automation doesn’t exist, IT professionals have been trained to fall back on manual processes to try and document as much information as possible. Engineers are tasked with writing up all change requests and copying and pasting configuration settings into Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) or Excel spreadsheets. They create detailed workflows to address issues. This task is exponentially challenging, and often results in the need to hire highly skilled staff.

This leads to another issue MSPs struggle with (though it affects just about every company): the concentration of expertise in a few individuals. As staff come and go, so does critical knowledge and processes. The rapid adoption of MSP-centric documentation tools or wikis like IT Glue, Passportal, IT Boost, Confluence, SharePoint, indicate MSPs’ very real need to stem the tide against this issue. Along with checklists, spreadsheets, and internal PSA knowledge bases, these types of fluid, user-generated information tools are part of human-intelligence based documentation. This loosely structured documentation takes the form of guides and procedures, runbooks, and playbooks to provide shared knowledge throughout all MSP team members.

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