Assessing Endpoints for Cyber Essentials: Securing and managing devices at scale with Liongard

Assessing Endpoints for Cyber Essentials: Securing and managing devices at scale with Liongard

When managing IT at scale, managed service providers (MSPs) face a range of unique and formidable obstacles. The key challenges assessing and maintaining critical controls like Operating System (OS) updates, software patches, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) coverage, firewall, and disk encryption status. The effectiveness of an MSP’s operations, and ultimately their customer’s security, significantly depends on its ability to navigate this complexity. 

MSPs serve as the guardians of client networks; vigilance over these elements isn’t just important—it’s imperative. An outdated OS or an unpatched software vulnerability can open Pandora’s box of threats, ranging from data breaches to system downtime. Failure to maintain these aspects properly can jeopardize client trust and business continuity. 

With Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection and Response platform, MSPs can complement and fortify their conventional monitoring and detection tools, with continuous, deep, configuration data over time. Traditional RMMs provide a current point-in-time view, while Liongard tracks changes and enables MSPs to audit asset inventory trends, assess system health, and verify patch history across all of their customers and systems in a comprehensive overview. 

The Value Liongard Brings to MSPs 

For MSPs, endpoints are often the primary vector for malware, especially when left unpatched. This can significantly hamper productivity if machines are out of support or improperly connected. Liongard tackles this issue head-on. 

With Liongard, MSPs can perform rapid onboarding to assess the current software installed on Windows workstations and servers. It ensures that OS is up-to-date and validates that EDR, AV, and malware products are installed and correctly updated. It also verifies if the local device firewall is enabled and whether disk encryption is activated. By providing these crucial insights, Liongard empowers MSPs to not only deliver unparalleled service quality to their clients but can provide essential evidence to support cyber insurance claims and compliance audits. 

Real World Threat

WannaCry Ransomware Attack (2017): This was one of the largest and most damaging cyberattacks in history. The attack targeted systems running outdated or unpatched versions of Microsoft Windows OS, affecting thousands of organizations worldwide, including many managed by MSPs. The ransomware encrypted data on infected systems and demanded a ransom in Bitcoin for its release. This situation highlights the critical importance of maintaining updated OS and implementing effective patch management strategies. 

Understanding the Metrics 

To appreciate the value that Liongard provides, let’s break down the key metrics it helps monitor: 

For Windows Server, Liongard helps track: 

  1. Software List: Liongard provides a comprehensive list of all software installed on your Windows servers. This list is invaluable for managing software licenses and assessing potential software-related vulnerabilities. 
  1. File Share: Liongard tracks and reports the status of all file shares on your Windows servers, which can help identify potential security risks. 

For Windows Workstation, Liongard helps monitor: 

  1. Software List: Like the server, Liongard maintains a record of all software installed on the workstations. 
  1. Antivirus on System: Liongard validates the presence and status of the antivirus software on your workstations. 
  1. Windows Defender Status: It assesses whether Windows Defender, a built-in security solution, is active and updated. 
  1. Public/Private Firewall Enabled: Liongard verifies the activation status of both public and private firewalls on the workstations, ensuring they are correctly configured to prevent unauthorized access. 

By mastering these metrics, MSPs can ensure they are fully equipped to protect and serve their clients. Through its robust offerings, Liongard supports MSPs in their cybersecurity endeavors and enhances their service delivery, making it an essential tool in the modern MSP toolbox. 

In an era of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats, MSPs need the depth of visibility and control Liongard provides. Remember, a well-secured environment isn’t just about the technology—it’s also about the people and processes that make it all work. And with Liongard on your side, you have a partner that understands this and is ready to help you navigate the ever-evolving cyber landscape. 

Find out how Liongard’s Configuration Change Detection & Response Platform can help keep your MSP ahead of the curve. Click here for more information.


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